• Showing team spirit is a championship password! Win or Fail?
  • Jamming with your favorite rock band is a crushing password! Win or Fail?
  • Your superhero saving the world is an indestructible password! Win or Fail?

Most users select passwords that are easy to remember, something they like and can use at different accounts. Oddly enough, what unlocks their favorite social media hangout, just might grant access to your organization’s most sensitive data.

Shocked An Employee Does This?

Users genuinely believe no one will ever know. But when examined, employees typically use the same passwords for their bank accounts, personal email, and company login.

Cybercriminals know this, too, and exploit these traceable habits to gain access to your files. If they watch your staff member long enough, they will get the login credentials they need. Once inside, your files become theirs.

Before this happens, there is something you can do right now to prevent that. Click the button below and grab, “Is This Your Password?” ebook.

  • Discover who Wins and Fails
  • Spot Compromised Password
  • Unlock Password Storage Vaults
Reveal The Winners!
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