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Lan InfoTech’s Third Party Terms and Conditions

To enhance the services and deliverables provided by LAN Infotech, we utilize third-party providers for certain services. In addition to LAN Infotech, You MAY BE legally bound to the third-party providers Terms and Conditions. For your convenience we have listed many the links to the Third Party providers below.

This list may not be inclusive of all providers and their links are subject to change.

  1. Datto:
  2. Veeam:
  3. Datto:
  4. Microsoft:
  5. RapidFire:
  6. ITGlue:
  7. Liongard:
  8. Yealink:
  9. CyberCNS:
  10. Cisco:
  11. Carbonite:
  12. Dell:
  13. VMware:
  14. Webroot:
  15. Citrix:
  16. Mimecast:
  17. Acronis:

by | Oct 12, 2022