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Business Communications

We provide practical and reliable business communications solutions that keep your team and customers connected.  

  • Do you require reliable and secure email communication for your growing business?
  • Are you looking to take advantage of the features available with internet-based calling systems?
  • Do you need a way for your distributed teams to get in touch and hold meetings online?

Today, small and mid-sized businesses rely on IT to push most of their essential services and processes forward while cutting unnecessary expenses. A vital area where technology helps companies to achieve maximum effectiveness and save on costs is business communications. LAN Infotech offers companies in Fort Lauderdale & Broward County cloud-based, digital communications solutions with a range of features that boost workplace collaboration, allow business leaders to easily manage their remote teams, and improve communication with customers.

Business Communications
Business Communications South Florida

Why You Should Choose LAN Infotech for Your Business Communications

LAN Infotech has a team of technology experts with decades of combined experience in providing cutting-edge business communications solutions. We not only help your company to save time and money, but we also ensure that you enjoy reliable communications whenever you need to stay connected to staff, suppliers, partners, and customers. Our engineers and technicians handle everything from setup to monitoring, freeing up your team from routine maintenance tasks. Business communications solutions from LAN Infotech are:

  • Economical – lower your communications bills and maintenance costs
  • User-friendly and with easy to follow interfaces
  • Dependable, since we monitor your hosted system 24/7
  • Convenient, allowing you to answer your calls in remote locations through call forwarding
  • Eco-friendly through cutting your travel costs and reducing paper waste

LAN Infotech’s Business Communications Services

LAN Infotech plays a vital role in the success of growing businesses by offering the following business communications solutions:

Hosted Email

A reliable and robust email system is crucial for the success of your business. However, setting up and managing your email server in-house requires a high level of technical expertise. LAN Infotech can eliminate the technical complexity of managing your email system by hosting Microsoft Exchange to keep your employees reliably and securely connected to their email from almost any device. Key features of the service are:

  • Access to your calendar and mailbox from anywhere
  • Capital expenditure savings since you do not house email in-house
  • Compliance with industry privacy and security regulations
  • Improved data-loss protection

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a telephone system that uses an internet connection to place phone calls. Our technicians have the expertise to combine hardware and software into a robust, reliable business communications solution that can handle calls better than traditional landline systems. Features of the VoIP solution include:

  • Quick installation and configuration
  • Lower call fees for both national and international calls
  • Better call quality than traditional PSTN
  • Audio and video conferencing capabilities
  • Mobile optimization

Microsoft Teams Deployments

Our Microsoft Teams solution enables your employees to achieve more while boosting team cohesion, thanks to the enhanced video conferencing features it offers. With more people choosing to work remotely, and with a lower number of face-to-face meetings, getting people “around the table” using technology is invaluable. The system lets you or any member of your group quickly hop on to a video call with one or more team members, and comes with a host of additional collaboration features that include:

  • Rich media presentations
  • Live webcam communication
  • Office communications and more