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We Deliver Robust Cybersecurity Services that Keep Evolving Cyber Threats at Bay

  • Are you looking for cybersecurity solutions that prevent productivity and data loss?
  • Do you want to avoid penalties for non-compliance and costly lawsuits?
  • Are you looking to automate IT regulatory compliance?

Evolving cybersecurity threats often compromise the survival of many organizations in South Florida. As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, your organization needs reliable IT security solutions that minimize your risk exposure. Working with an experienced IT service provider offers access to industry-leading security solutions that safeguard your networks.

LAN Infotech implements a multi-layered approach that bolsters your business’ security posture. Our technical team offers robust cybersecurity services to help you combat security threats efficiently. With our top-notch security solutions, your business gets to secure critical client and employee data. Count on us for comprehensive security that protects you from malware, phishing attacks, viruses, and spam.

Cybersecurity Services
Cybersecurity Consulting in South Florida

How Can Your Business Benefit From our Cybersecurity Services?

At Lan Infotech, we perform vulnerability assessments that reveal weak spots within your networks. Our experienced team offers viable recommendations to resolve the vulnerable areas. We also deliver robust intrusion prevention services that minimize unauthorized access to your networks. Find firewall solutions that include proactive network monitoring and reporting, ensuring that you remain compliant with security and regulatory requirements.

Our IT security experts will work with your in-house tech team to understand your specific business needs. We’ll then recommend a tailor-made solution that responds to your unique needs and budget. With our cybersecurity services, your business can efficiently enhance network availability while protecting your IT assets. Let us worry about your network security needs as you focus on maintaining your system’s daily operations.

Leverage multiple benefits from our services, including:

  • 24/7 access to trained and experienced security professionals
  • State-of-the-art technology to guarantee advanced network protection
  • Managed software updates and troubleshooting
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and threat response
  • Industry-leading web filtering solutions

Cybersecurity Services In South Florida

LAN Infotech is your one-stop-shop for efficient cybersecurity solutions in Fort Lauderdale.

Managed IT Solutions

Managed Firewall

We deliver finely-tuned firewall management that safeguards your network and minimizes hackers’ infiltration. Count on us to keep threats at bay with unmatched industry expertise and business-grade resources. Our integrated security approach helps you detect attackers, disrupt malicious activity, and block dangerous breaches. We also deliver automated firewall monitoring, allowing you to deal with security threats proactively. Our solutions also include:

  • 24/7 monitoring and alert response
  • Automated updates and patch management
  • High availability configurations and implementation
Cybersecurity Solutions

Web Filtering

Our expert team can help you block inappropriate web content and enhance employee productivity. Our web filtering solutions offer an end-to-end network security watchdog that guarantees extended cybersecurity. Lan Infotech delivers cloud-based web filtering solutions that help you minimize hardware and software costs. Count on us to automatically filter dangerous exploits and reduce overall infection rates. Partner with us for:

  • Ultimate protection of critical data
  • Enterprise-enhancing internet filtering
  • Industry-leading threat intelligence
Strategic IT Consulting

Email Security and Protection

Unencrypted emails expose your company’s sensitive information to rogue cybercriminals. Our expert security team at Lan Infotech can help you implement cost-effective email encryption solutions that minimize costly data breaches. Our security solutions enable employees to safely send and receive emails via mobile devices, fostering enhance coloration. We’ll also educate your staff and help to reduce your exposure to phishing attempts and spam. With our solutions, your business can:

  • Implement two-factor authentication to enhance email security
  • Remain compliant with industry-specific regulations
  • Create robust email backups and disaster recovery solutions