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IT Services In Fort Lauderdale

We offer solutions to the significant IT problems of small and mid-sized businesses in Fort Lauderdale.  

  • Do you have a small IT department that is struggling to keep up with support requests?
  • Are you worried that migrating your data and applications to the cloud could cause service interruptions?
  • Do you consider the risk of a cyberattack to be a threat to your company’s survival?

If you run small or mid-sized businesses (SMB), managing the many technology tools needed for efficient and effective service delivery can be challenging. From handling the effects of staff turnover to dealing with sudden data loss, there are high demands on your in-house IT department, making technology setup and maintenance a pain point for most SMBs. Transitioning the management of your technology to LAN Infotech’s managed services will help you solve most of the tech problems your company faces.

Our experience working with LAN Infotech and its engineers has been very rewarding for our firm.



IT Services Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale IT Services

Why Choose LAN Infotech For Solutions To Your IT Problems?

The more your company relies on technology to deliver services to your customers, the more critical it is for your business to identify a quality IT solutions partner to help prevent your technology issues. LAN Infotech has the expertise and experience that your company can rely on to offer precise solution design, proven technology, and flawless implementation. Our proactive approach to solving problems, cutting edge custom solutions, and range of managed services ensure that you:

  •  Maximize your employees’ efficiency
  •  Lower your technology costs
  •  Secure your data and networks
  •  Streamline your internal operations

We were having major problems with our email system. We reached out to the IT department of a trusted major law firm.



LAN Infotech’s IT Services In Fort Lauderdale (What Problems LAN Infotech Solves)

At LAN Infotech, we provide a range of solutions to common IT problems.

Managed IT Solutions

Providing IT Support to Understaffed Companies

As a growing company, it is essential to keep your tech team as lean as possible. While having a smaller IT department saves you money, the flipside is that your team could be easily overwhelmed by support requests from your customers or co-workers. Increased demand for their help could cause a delayed response, which impacts employee productivity and customer satisfaction. LAN Infotech’s managed services provide the following benefits for SMBs with understaffed IT departments:

  • Improved response to support requests
  • Proactive monitoring to catch problems before they cause downtime
  • A lower workload for your in-house IT team
Cybersecurity Solutions

Ensuring a Smooth, Trouble-Free Move To the Cloud

Today, cloud computing is an integral part of modern business, allowing you to focus on service delivery without worrying about software and hardware problems. While cloud technology is user-friendly, the setup of complex solutions requires a high level of expertise. We have a certified team that will set up, configure, and optimize your cloud applications, allowing you to:

  • Eliminate the need for costly hardware
  • Improve mobility and scalability
  • Enjoy enterprise-grade data security
Strategic IT Consulting

Securing Businesses from Cyber Threats

Your network and data are two of your business’s most valuable assets. LAN Infotech allows you to develop an effective cybersecurity strategy and extend it across your organization. Our technology security experts offer you a strategic security solution to address your current requirements and future needs. Do not leave your network exposed to cybercriminals — LAN Infotech offers the following solutions to help you avoid the problems of data loss, low productivity, non-compliance penalties, and lawsuits that could result from an intrusion:

  • Vulnerability and penetration tests
  • Incident response planning
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Email scanning and archiving
  • Managed firewalls
  • Web content filtering
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