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Welcome To Florida’s best IT Consultants

LAN Infotech is the strategic IT consulting partner you need to boost your productivity and help your business grow. 

  • Do you require in-depth analysis of your technology processes and workflow?
  • Do you need assistance in establishing and defining the best IT management approach for your company?
  • Does your growing business need to determine technology priorities to make the most of your IT investment?

With new technologies developed every day, and the business environment becoming more competitive, your small or mid-sized business needs to make the right strategic moves to stay ahead of the competition. If you cannot anticipate market trends or invest in the wrong tools and infrastructure, you stand to miss out on the productivity gains that technology can provide. LAN Infotech’s strategic IT consulting services involve our experts taking a seat at your table when your company’s executives discuss business strategy. We can help your team make informed decisions that will maximize returns on your IT investments.

IT Consulting Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale IT Consulting

LAN Infotech’s Strategic IT Consulting Offers a Roadmap for Your Business’ Growth

Businesses throughout South Florida rely heavily on technology to give them a competitive edge. However, making the wrong strategic move could prove costly for your company, especially if you have a limited IT budget. LAN Infotech provides outsourced strategic IT consulting services to companies in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County to help them plan future upgrades of existing technology and replace obsolete systems. Our three-step method for strategy consulting involves:

  • Developing the right strategy for your business
  • Implement best-in-class and emerging technology
  • Executing a plan of action for your digital transformation
  • Liaising with top tech vendors to ensure value

Our experience working with LAN Infotech and its engineers has been very rewarding for our firm. We count on Lan Infotech’s team to engineer, maintain, coordinate and monitor our systems.



Strategic IT Consulting Services for Businesses in Fort Lauderdale & Broward County

LAN Infotech offers businesses in South Florida a suite of Virtual CIO (vCIO) services that allow your company to take proactive action to prevent issues before affecting your services to your customers. 

Business Needs Analysis and Technology Alignment

Business Needs Analysis and Technology Alignment

A survey by CompTIA shows that 64% of growing businesses credit the attainment of their corporate goals to the adoption of technology. For this reason, and to provide the best technology solutions for your growing business, we review your organization’s goals, mission, vision, and strategic outlook and use the information to establish the technology solutions you require. Our needs analysis involves:

  • Determining the shortcomings of your current technology
  • Selecting the IT solutions you need to support your existing business processes
  • Finding out what new capabilities your company can gain from emerging technologies like cloud computing 
Technology Strategy Roadmap

Technology Strategy Roadmap

Possibly the most crucial part of the entire consultancy process is the formulation of the strategic IT roadmap. LAN Infotech will define the specific initiatives that your business needs to undertake and interweave them into your overall strategic narrative. Our final deliverables are:

  • A strategic roadmap for the adoption of new technologies and the evolution of existing systems
  • New application systems for your business, including infrastructure improvements, 
  • Budgetary estimates including taking into account the most cost-effective route for each initiative
Technology Implementation Consultancy

Technology Implementation Consultancy

Even the best-laid plans need action. After we help your executive team establish the best way forward for your business technology, we then get down to actualizing your organization’s strategy. Implementation of strategic IT initiatives includes:

  • Sourcing for the best technology solutions from leading vendors
  • Using our partnerships with vendors to negotiate cost-effective systems
  • Setting up a support strategy and infrastructure management system
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