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Data Backup Services

We Provide Reliable and Cost-Effective Data Backup Services to Ensure Your Business Runs Efficiently

  • Do you have a comprehensive data backup strategy?
  • Do you live worrying about the security of your data and information?
  • What do you think is the cost of an effective data backup and recovery service?

Talk to us for these comprehensive business solutions and many more. While the phrasing could sound new, the concept of data backup dates back to several decades. Therefore, many professionals are familiar with this phrase, particularly with the continued use of technology in businesses. At LAN Infotech, we provide organizations with efficient, reliable, and scalable data backup services that guarantee business growth, continuity, and an array of other business outcomes.

We acknowledge that 40% of startup businesses worldwide do not survive data disasters. Your company, too, relies on data for continued growth and sustainability. Learn more about our data backup services and the benefits that they bring to your company.

Data Backup Services Fort Lauderdale
Data Backup Solutions In Fort Lauderdale

Benefits of Choosing LAN Infotech for Your Data Backup Services

When looking for a data backup partner, some of the factors you need to look out for include reliability and scalability. Through our complete data backup services, your business stands to enjoy sustainable growth and guaranteed business continuity. That is because we understand that your overall business continuity strategy relies on how you safeguard vital data, information, and their accessibility irrespective of any unanticipated occurrence.
The core benefits of our data backup plan include:

  •    24/7/365 data protection and management
  •    Cushioning against unexpected mishaps
  •    Instant recovery and minimal downtimes

Data Backup Services That Guarantee Business Agility and Continuity

At LAN Infotech, we understand that businesses need to leverage the right data backup solutions to stay ahead of the competition. This is particularly so because an inefficient backup leaves your data at the risk of natural disasters, computer viruses, hardware failure, user errors, and malicious attacks, which is akin to putting the entire business at risk.

Strategic Backup Consulting Services

Strategic Backup Consulting Services

We understand that data backup services for businesses and organizations are unachievable without a comprehensive plan. That is why our experts will analyze your business objectives to align them with your backup needs and customize a program that will put you above your competitors and help you remain agile. The plans we consider and discuss with your team when developing a plan include;

  • Data backup scheduling
  • The most viable compression method
  • Ideal media storage
Local and Remote Backup Services

Local and Remote Backup Services

Our experts at LAN Infotech understand that most cyberattack attempts target small and medium enterprises whose IT security is subpar, we use a combination of the best technology and proven industry practice to safeguard your data. Our team of experts has your back and provides comprehensive backup management solutions as well as full-time support. Our local and remote backup solutions include:

  • Use of hardware solutions
  • Software backup techniques
  • Cloud services
  • Hybrid backup solutions
Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

You will agree with us that the panic that comes with data loss or theft is immeasurable. Our approach envisages advanced system protection measures, local backup, offsite replication, and virtualization to protect your data. We stand out for businesses in Fort Lauderdale — our multifaceted data backup strategy prioritizes data protection and not recovery. But since technology is unpredictable, we guarantee to recover your data in record time in case of any eventuality. Benefits service include:

  • Minimal downtime
  • Full-time access to IT experts