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Dark Web Scanning

Our dark web scanning solution helps you avoid falling victim to identity theft online.  

  • Are you worried about hackers gaining access to customer information on your systems?
  • Do you wonder whether your employees’ usernames and passwords are secure?
  • Has your info been sold online before, and would you like to avoid it happening again?

You may be surprised to know that the websites you access via Google, Bing, or other traditional search engines form just a tiny fraction of the internet. There is a sub-layer within the internet known as the Dark Web, and it is an estimated 600 times larger than the “surface web.”

Users can choose to remain anonymous within the Dark Web, making it a hotbed of fraud and other illegal activities that include buying and selling stolen credentials for unlawful access to sensitive data. LAN Infotech provides a dark web scanning service to help you find out if any of your company usernames or passwords were distributed on the dark web and secure your business credentials from hackers.

Dark Web Scanning
Dark Web Scanning South Florida

Why Should Your Business Consider LAN Infotech’s Dark Web Scanning?

Thanks to the dark web’s anonymity, a lucrative fraud economy trades in stolen user credentials on the internet. Unfortunately, there are many cases where companies only find out from law enforcement that their details are compromised when it is already too late to do anything about it. LAN Infotech provides growing businesses like yours with comprehensive dark web scanning solutions that ensure:

  • Your business credentials stay safe
  • You enjoy ongoing protection from cyberattacks
  • We supply you with comprehensive reports of potential data breaches
  • We quickly resolve any potential attacks
  • Your staff receives extensive cybersecurity awareness training

LAN Infotech’s Dark Web Scanning Solution

Our comprehensive scanning and data protection solution has the following features.

Managed IT Solutions

Dark Web Scanning

LAN Infotech’s security experts team will work with you to scan the dark web and detect stolen credentials before malicious parties can use them to carry out cyberattacks or other crimes. Using artificial and human intelligence, we scour the dark web looking for any of your information that could be compromised. Our scans will look for stolen passwords, email addresses, and user IDs in the following places:

  • Peer-to-peer networks
  • Black market websites
  • Hidden chatrooms
  • Private site botnets
  • IRC channels
  • Social media
Cybersecurity Solutions

Logging and Reporting

With extensive event logging and comprehensive reporting abilities, LAN Infotech will identify and track cybersecurity incidents and help you develop policies to lower your business risk exposure. We combine scanning and reporting with our multilayered cybersecurity approach, including implementing multi-factor authentication, patch management, and access controls to reduce the chances of a successful data breach. The solution provides:

  • Real-time monitoring for potential identity theft
  • Identification of the factors behind data leaks
  • Dark Web scanning and reporting without linking company infrastructure to high-risk services
Strategic IT Consulting

Proactive Monitoring

Our dark web scanning service also includes proactive credential monitoring and real-time detection of stolen information. We notify you as soon as we establish that your email, passwords, user IDs, SSNs, or other sensitive information are on the dark web. We ensure that you take action before hackers can sell or use them to breach your network, steal your identity, or commit other kinds of crime.
Through constant monitoring of dark web activity, we help you and your business to stay protected in the following ways:

  • Revealing system vulnerabilities and potential attack surfaces
  • Suggesting improvements to your IT systems to avoid future cybersecurity issues
  • Making it difficult for any threat actors to sell your information online