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Provide secure, compliant access to your technology resources with Microsoft GCC from LAN Infotech.  

  • Are you a US federal government or DoD contractor?
  • Do you need to meet the compliance and cybersecurity requirements of NIST 800-171, FedRAMP High, ITAR, or CUI/CDI?
  • Does your growing business rely on cloud technology for its computing needs?

Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud (GCC) is a standard used for various applications spanning US state, federal, local, and territorial governmental organizations. This secure cloud platform is also in use among companies that handle government data, which falls within strict regulatory requirements. LAN Infotech has the expertise to analyze your needs as a government contractor, and deploy Microsoft 365 Government GCC across your workforce to ensure compliance with regulations.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions
South Florida Microsoft GCC

Features of Microsoft GCC

Before your company starts the Microsoft GCC deployment process, you need to understand the functions and features of the technology, its limitations, and any elements that MS GCC has disabled in its default settings. No matter if you are migrating to GCC from a different cloud platform, or merely moving over from a separate Microsoft 365 flavor, the differences could have a profound impact on your day-to-day systems and processes. Knowing the features available to you will help you adjust your existing processes and prepare for your move. By default, Microsoft GCC has the following features:

  • Base: Presence and Login
  • Activity: My Activity and Feed
  • Chat: Files, Conversations, Activity, Org Chart, Guest Access
  • Meetings: Join, Schedule, Desktop Sharing, VoIP Meeting, Connect From Conference, Anonymous Join, Federate Meetings, Surface Hub, Meeting Notes
  • Teams: Channel Message, Add a Member, Channel Files
  • Calls: Contacts, Voicemail, History, Skype for Business, VoIP Calling, Calling Plans, Microsoft Phone System, PSTN, SIP
  • Files: Microsoft Teams, Recent Store
  • Search: Messages, Files, People, Slash Commands
  • Compliance: Retention, Compliance Content, Legal Hold, Retention, eDiscovery

Microsoft GCC Solutions

LAN Infotech has extensive experience supporting cloud applications for US government contractors in South Florida. Talk to us today about the deployment of Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud solutions through the following steps:

Managed IT Solutions

Establishing Eligibility and Organizational Needs

Not all organizations that carry out government contracts need to use the Microsoft Government Cloud solution. LAN Infotech helps your company establish whether you need to take advantage of GCC by understanding the features you need and whether they are beyond the functionality offered by a standard Microsoft 365 implementation. For GCC, the requirements we look for are:

  • Segregated Office 365 content for your customers and the content needed for staff within your organization
  • Storage of governmental content within the US
  • Only pre-screened Microsoft personnel should access the governmental content your organization handles
  • Complete accreditation and certification for compliance with US public sector contracts
Cybersecurity Solutions

Application for Microsoft GCC

Once we establish that GCC is the right solution for your company, we help you apply for type 3 categorization from Microsoft. This stage of the application is straightforward and requires you to submit the necessary information about your organization, including:

  • The business entity or category your business falls under
  • Your company’s website
  • Your complete physical address
Strategic IT Consulting

Understanding Default Admin and Security Settings

The government cloud solution has specific default security and admin settings. Your IT team must understand these default settings since they have significant implications on your company’s compliance with government regulations. LAN Infotech’s compliance experts help your IT leadership or CTO to examine the settings and carry out the following tasks:

  • Decipher why GCC is at specific default settings
  • Identify any settings that need modification
  • Explore how any changes to settings could impact your service levels
  • Find out your organization’s capacity to comply with requirements and regulations