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Between your servers, desktops, laptops, printers, and smartphones, you’ve got a lot of expensive equipment to manage.

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You need someone you can trust to keep track of the expected lifecycles of all that equipment, or else eventually you’ll have to deal with downtime that prevents your employees from doing their jobs.
LAN Infotech will replace or upgrade outdated hardware before it fails. That means you’ll experience less downtime, and less downtime means your workforce is more productive, and a more productive workforce means you’ll have an easier time meeting and exceeding your revenue goals.
Even more important (and potentially more expensive should something go wrong) than equipment itself is the data you’re accessing with all that equipment. Just one data loss incident could cost you over a million dollars to clean up.
It’s true: legally you’re responsible for all the sensitive data clients/partners/whoever trust you with.  It cost an average of $150 per compromised file to recover from an online security breach, and thousands of files are compromised in the average attack, so you’re looking at a six or seven-figure total to recover from just a single data loss incident.
You need an IT company you can trust to protect you from web-based threats (over 300 million new pieces of malware were created in 2014 alone).
You need LAN Infotech.
We don’t clean up damage after problems have already happened. LAN Infotech sets you up so that you don’t have problems in the first place. We’ll regularly assess your network to find and fix any weaknesses before they’re exploited by cybercriminals.
Let’s Talk About Your Future
Securing your data, maintaining and optimizing your equipment, helping you recover from disaster and migrate to the cloud… yeah, we’ll do all that for you.
But that’s not where our service stops.
We also want to take the place of your CIO (which would cost you an average salary of $150,000).
IT is about more than just preventing disaster. It’s not a necessary evil. It’s a competitive advantage. We know how to use technology to make your business a leaner, more productive machine, increasing efficiency and immediate profits while preparing your infrastructure for long-term growth.
Speaking of long-term, where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years? We know how to cut through the usual techie jargon and get down to business value, and we’d like to sit down with your leadership and discuss how we can use IT to help you meet your long-term goals.
Contact us at (954) 717-1990 or sales@laninfotech.com for more information about our IT Investments in Fort Lauderdale.