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LAN InfoTech Ranks On Channel Futures’ List of Fastest-Growing MSPs In 2021

The LAN InfoTech team is proud to be recognized for our rapid growth on this year’s list of Fastest-Growing MSPs. Are you looking for expert assistance growing and modernizing your business?

LAN InfoTech is proud to announce that we have been named to Channel Futures’ 501 MSP list of Fastest-Growing MSPs, ranking #492. Every year, this list recognizes the fastest-growing MSPs across the country for the substantial growth and performance they’ve achieved.

We’re excited to have been recognized by Channel Futures, but you may be curious what this means to our current and future clients. Put simply, the better we are at growing our business, the better we can help you grow yours.

South Florida IT Services

4 Ways LAN Helps Clients Grow Their Businesses

Properly implemented IT solutions and services support rapid growth by ensuring that new staff members have the tools they need, new customers are serviced efficiently, and more. Here are just a few of the ways we help clients expand their organizations effectively:

  • Evolve Your Security: A key benefit of working with LAN InfoTech is that you have a partner in your cybersecurity initiatives. We can recommend proven, tested solutions to problems that you encounter — problems like cybercrime and data loss. We benefit from partnerships with industry-leading solution vendors for these very problems, and we pass those benefits on to our clients. Instead of having to research and find the best solution for security and data recovery, you can instead consult with LAN InfoTech. We can advise you on harnessing new developments in cybersecurity technology, such as next-generation firewalls and antivirus software. These advanced types of cybersecurity software use artificial intelligence to better predict, identify and eliminate harmful malware.
  • Encourage Mobility: Effective IT support delivered by LAN InfoTech provides a basis for deploying a more mobile work environment. You can implement Mobile Device Management and Bring Your Own Device policies that allow employees to use their own devices in combination with the business’ – we’ll make sure to equally prioritize the convenience of access with security.
  • Harness The Cloud: This is the key to the modern business workplace. With the cloud, you can increase collaboration and simplify management by hosting your data and applications through the cloud – again, prioritizing security in line with the access given to staff members.
  • Before the cloud, onsite servers were a must for any business that wanted to succeed, but no longer. Today, you don’t need to purchase, install and maintain onsite servers- with the cloud, you outsource it all to a data center instead.
  • By working with LAN InfoTech, you can ensure you have the right cloud solution instead of conventional infrastructure, delivering all the benefits of an up-to-date and optimized IT infrastructure, without having to pay more than your monthly service fee.
  • Use Data To Your Advantage: With the right information, each choice you make can have attainable and expected positive results for your business; without that information, you may as well be gambling with the future of your company. That’s why we offer expert business intelligence support. Business intelligence is the collection and analysis of data collected such as department productivity, overall growth, sales trends, and customer behavior. Applications of this data can range from something as simple as Spreadsheets for the organization, and storage of data to Online Analytical Processing or Reporting and Querying software. Each has a specific use and offers various benefits to your small business. Reporting and querying software extracts, sorts, summarizes, and presents selected data. This data could range from sale reports of specific items to a measurement of the efficiency of marketing plans.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

As a member of the 2021 Fastest-Growing MSP list, LAN InfoTech offers proven insight into IT-based growth strategies. Get in touch with our team today to discover how we can help you scale your IT systems seamlessly as your business grows.

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