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Remote Connectivity Risks The COVID-19 Crisis Created

Although state officials are looking to reopen the economy, South Florida industry leaders are convinced that increased telework will keep valued employees out of harm’s way.
The COVID-19 pandemic prompted organizations to implement or expand remote workforce strategies rather than suffer debilitating productivity downturns. Embracing business platforms such as Microsoft Teams, among others, has quickly proven to be a cost-effective solution. But by that same token, work-from-home devices are susceptible to the same cybersecurity threats as those previously used at brick-and-mortar facilities. By resolving security gaps in off-site devices, remote workforces could be the elixir South Florida organizations need to rebound from the global health crisis. These are proactive, managed IT solutions to work-from-home connectivity risks.
Remote Connectivity Risks The COVID-19 Crisis Created

2FA Adds Cybersecurity Layer

It’s an opens secret that too few people update usernames and passwords on a responsible basis. Considering that professionals are involved with business networking platforms, online shopping, electronic banking, as well as business systems, among many others, these ongoing updates have become burdensome.
Two-factor authentication, commonly called “2FA,” provides additional protection. Rather than rely on sometimes easily breached usernames and passwords, 2FA requires users to acknowledge they received a random passkey from a secondary device via email or text message. This process largely renders the threat of a hacker ascertaining your username and password moot. A 2FA strategy can be used as a telework protection by integrating the solution into an administrative modem, portal, endpoint device, or home network, among others.

Updates & Program Patches

Routers and modems in-home networks tend to lack automation protections. That’s why it’s in an organization’s best interest to have an IT specialist check settings to ensure routers and modems are enabled to update software automatically. Updates are more prevalent than non-IT professionals realize because technology companies are continually sending out patches to fix security gaps, as well as glitches.
The same holds true of other programs required for effective remote workforce telecommunications. When applications are not securely updated, hackers may be able to breach a remote device and penetrate a business network. The good news is that a managed IT firm can cost-effectively remedy this issue and position an organization for success.

Correct WPS and UPnP Vulnerabilities

It may seem almost ironic, but Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) were designed to enhance user-friendly connectivity to Wi-Fi networks and cybersecurity. Their real uses have brought about the exact opposite. Digital thieves have turned WPS into an open invitation to connect without permission, and UPnP suffers from substantial cybersecurity deficiencies. Having a cybersecurity expert properly configure these two settings can significantly improve remote defenses.

Reconfigure & Enhance Firewalls

Standard routers and modems employed for residential connectivity rarely enjoy the enhanced protections of enterprise-level firewalls. This is not to say that they cannot. To prevent malicious applications from infiltrating devices or cybersecurity breaches, firewalls must be fully enabled and, often, enhanced to business-grade levels.
Buoying productivity through work-from-home strategies does not necessarily have to be a headache for entrepreneurs and decision-makers in South Florida. Once residential modems, routers, and other devices are configured and upgraded from commercial use, they can be seamlessly effective and secure.
If you implemented a work-from-home policy to negotiate the crisis or are considering leveraging long-term remote workforce benefits, consider working with a third-party managed IT expert. LAN InfoTech enjoys a long-standing reputation for delivering determined cybersecurity enhancements for the South Florida business community.