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You Don’t Have to Be Tech-Savvy to Enhance Your Security

Are you struggling with staying abreast of cybersecurity business requirements? These tips for non-technical folks will help keep you safe online.  
Staying on top of all the latest news around cybersecurity can be a daunting task, but you don’t have to be an expert to manage these easy changes! Staying secure online requires diligence and awareness, but doesn’t have to be a highly technical task relegated to your IT department only. The tech-savvy professionals at LAN Infotech put together this handy list of ways that you can protect the investment in your business applications, data and infrastructure without an advanced certification in cybersecurity.
1. Use a Password Manager
Cybersecurity best practices recommend having unique passwords for each website and application to reduce the possibility of data loss or cross-hacking. Creating and managing a variety of complex passwords can be a chore, and next to impossible if you’re using different passwords for each website or mobile app. Fortunately, secure password managers step in and bridge the gaps in your memory by creating secure passwords for each location. All you have to remember is your master password, offering an easy way to maintain a higher degree of security without resorting to jotting passwords in a notebook.
2. Maintain Anti-virus and Anti-malware Software on Every Device
Did you know that you could add anti-virus and anti-malware software on every device in your business inventory? Your mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are also vulnerable to attack. Any device that will be connecting to your network in any way should have the appropriate safety software installed. This includes your smart TVs, too!
3. Apply Security Patches and Updates in a Timely Manner
Security patches and updates can pile up before you know it, especially with an overworked IT team. Security updates generally contain patches that will help make your devices more secure and prevent attacks in the future. When you skip an update — or even put it off for a period of time after it was released — you’re taking a risk that hackers could infiltrate your systems. Enable automatic updates on all devices to help reduce the work required to maintain a solid layer of protection on your business devices.
4. Be Aware of Potential Credit Card Scams
It only takes an instant for a cybercriminal to skim your credit card number at a gas station or ATM. These credit card scams are difficult to spot, but always stay aware of your surroundings and be sure someone’s not looking at your security code when you’re entering it, too. Look for messy wiring or any loose items around the credit card scanner, and don’t be embarrassed to change locations if something looks questionable.
Want a bonus tip? Never write down user names or passwords and leave them — or other secure information — lying around your desk or under your keyboard. It’s too enticing to would-be criminals to find this information available for a quick grab. Learn more about protecting your organization online when you contact the professionals at LAN Infotech today at 954-717-1990 or when you fill out our quick online form.

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