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The Deck Is Financially Stacked Against You
Managed services providers in Fort Lauderdale that offer IT solutions at an hourly rate are going to cost you more, pure and simple. There are quite a few reasons for this:

  • Slower Work
  • Unfamiliar Tech Professionals
  • More Expensive Repairs
  • Unexpected Expenses
  • Reactive, Rather Than Proactive, Service

Slower Work 
If you’re paying a flat fee for services, it’s to the advantage of your IT solution that work be done expediently. It costs them more to take more time. However, with an hourly rate, the longer they take to fix an issue, the more they get paid. There’s an inbuilt incentive for sluggish work. Certainly, they won’t be obvious about it. But you’ll feel the loss in increased downtime.
Unfamiliar Tech Professionals
With hourly services, when it takes longer and there’s more cost, the company providing managed services in Fort Lauderdale makes more money. So instead of sending familiar technicians to the site, the provider sends a new tech every time, and he’s got to spend however long it takes familiarizing himself with the idiosyncrasies of your business. This could be 20 minutes, it could be three hours– either way, you’re going to pay.
More Expensive Repairs 
It’s not just that you pay more for hourly service; it’s that you don’t report negative operational trends until it’s too late. Well, perhaps not you specifically, but with a break/fix model (a common term for the hourly structure being described here), oftentimes problems aren’t addressed until they begin to affect operation. Well, think about a car driving down the road with a bad radiator. You can actually get a couple hundred miles before the fluid runs out and the engine seizes up. If you get help then, it will cost you hundreds of dollars more if the vehicle isn’t totaled. Meanwhile, if you just got the radiator fixed beforehand, you could have saved the car. Well, with break-fix service, the MSP sends somebody out after the car breaks down, whereas with a flat-fee rate, services are monitored to ensure operations.
Unexpected Expenses
When there’s an hourly payment plan involved, it is again to the advantage of the MSP that a computer system breaks down before it is repaired, rather than be continuously monitored. As a result, you end up paying much more for repairs which take much longer to effect.
Reactive, Rather Than Proactive, Service 
Break/fix models offer reactive solutions. Instead of ensuring your systems are at their peak operational capacity on a regular basis, and putting out little fires as they come, the break-fix model waits until the big fire comes, and then sends in the fire truck. Having proactive service is the difference between having an anti-fire sprinkler system in your building, and not having a fire alarm.
Conserving Resources through a Flat-Fee MSP
Managed services in Fort Lauderdale which utilize a proactive model that is obtained at a flat-rate will continuously monitor systems, fix problems as they arise more expediently, cost less, and diminish downtime through regular IT personnel who get to know your procedures intimately. At LAN Infotech, we offer a flat-rate model that is predictable and can be annually budgeted. What’s more: it will ensure your systems last longer and cost you less to maintain. Contact us today to learn more.

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