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What to Look for in a Top-Tier IT Managed Service Provider

Do you need an IT MSP in Southern Florida? If so, discover how to identify one that will offer the best possible tools, services and customer assistance.  

Choosing The Right IT Managed Service Provider

Choosing the right IT managed service can mean the difference between a vibrant, growing business and a stagnant one. The following are some things to look for when selecting an IT service to ensure that it will meet your needs or even exceed your expectations.

Good Communication

A vibrant, up-to-date IT system is the backbone of any successful business. To ensure your IT hardware and software are operating at their full potential, a good IT managed service provider will stay in close communication with you to offer suggestions, point out vulnerabilities, address issues, and offer the tools you need to successfully complete special projects.
Furthermore, a good IT MSP will:

  • Put a premium on communicating with customers in plain English. Good technicians know that not everyone is tech-savvy and so take the time to explain important points to ensure there are no misunderstandings.
  • Visit your business in person to address concerns or problems instead of just offering advice from a distance.
  • Allow you to communicate with your technicians in the way that works best for you, be it text messages, phone calls, or via email.

Superior Security Measures

Cybercriminals are targeting IT managed service providers because they know that successfully hacking IT MSP data offers a treasure trove of information that can enable them to breach every single business the IT MSP is working with at the time.
Good IT managed service providers know that it’s imperative to use top-tier cybersecurity practices to prevent a data breach. If you want to make sure your IT MSP offers good security, ask the following questions:

  • Do your technicians use strong passwords and two-factor authentication?
  • Do technicians receive regular training to stay abreast of new cyber threats and learn how to combat them?
  • Is your in-house software regularly updated to prevent vulnerabilities?

You should also know how many people in the company will have access to your business data. A top-tier IT managed service provider will limit access to as few people as possible. This will naturally cause more work for the IT managed service provider as technicians may have to get in touch with a supervisor or manager to complete certain tasks for you; however, it’s one of the best ways to protect your data given the fact that most breaches are caused by human error.

Good Business Partners

IT managed service providers work with tech companies to offer IT solutions to business clients. If you want to know whether a company you are considering doing business with offers good services or not, take a look at the partners the company works with. Does the IT MSP partner with the tech companies you need and want to partner with? Do the partners offer a wide range of products and services to suit your needs and budget? Will the IT MSP’s partners be a good fit for your business not just now but also in the future?
In short, a top-tier IT managed service provider will treat you the way it would want to be treated. The provider will communicate clearly and honestly, use the best cybersecurity practices to keep your data safe at all times, and partner with top-tier IT technology companies to offer you the best IT solutions at any given time.
LAN Infotech specializes in offering IT managed services to small and medium-sized companies throughout Southern Florida. We hold ourselves to a high standard to ensure our tools and technicians will not only meet your needs but even exceed your expectations. Get in touch with us to learn more or to make an appointment with one of our IT teams.

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