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LAN Infotech Helps Out Local South Florida Organizations

IT support has never been as important as it is now during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order for organizations to stay connected and productive while working remotely, they need the right technologies and processes in place.  
Unfortunately, due to how quickly the pandemic developed, many businesses were unable to prepare for the shift to a remote work setting. Doing so would have required careful planning, methodical execution of new processes, and expert implementation of new technologies.
In order to address these issues for local organizations, LAN Infotech, a Fort Lauderdale IT support and consultation provider, has been delivering specific pro bono work for local organizations in need. Even before the pandemic resulted in shelter-in-place orders, LAN Infotech was helping local organizations do what they could to prepare for a remote work setting.
“LAN Infotech isn’t an auto or tool manufacturer,” says Michael Goldstein, President and CEO, LAN Infotech. “Unfortunately, we can’t convert our operations to make masks or ventilators. Instead, we are using our talents and resources to provide specific pro-bono work to help organizations sustain their operations today and make sure they grow in the future.”
LAN Infotech has helped many Fort Lauderdale organizations over the past month, including the Broward Bar Association, Broward County Public Schools, City of Hallandale Beach, as well as numerous nonprofit companies. These organizations would have otherwise been on their own in trying to implement or update new communication technologies from their remote workplaces.
“When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in mid-March, no one was prepared in the legal world to work remotely and virtually,” says Braulio Rosa, Executive Director, Broward County Bar Association. “Working with LAN Infotech, we were able to position ourselves to serve as a state-wide leader, partnering with bar associations to teach lawyers how to work remotely. LAN Infotech helped us kick that off; their services are terrific, and we’re grateful to be partners with them.”
Working with these businesses, LAN Infotech provided training in a number of areas that are critical to remote work:

  • How to use Microsoft Teams effectively and safely
  • How to schedule, promote and run a webinar
  • How to maintain communication and collaboration while working remotely

“Thanks to our NAF Education Advisory Board member, LAN Infotech, for providing Microsoft Teams training from the business perspective to the Career, Technical, Adult & Community Education department,” says Lucille Flynn, Curriculum Supervisor, Broward County Public Schools. “Valuable skills necessary to serve our stakeholders during district remote learning were enhanced and strengthened.”
In a remote workplace setting, user awareness is even more important than in the office. Productivity and efficiency rely on how well users can harness the tools available to them. In offering robust training for remote tools like Microsoft Teams, as well as the long-standing services like the Grant Intelligence Funding Team, LAN Infotech is helping local nonprofits and other organizations to thrive in the remote workplace setting.
“LAN Infotech donates funds for Candid’s Funding Information Network access annually, as well as donates its staff’s time to search for grants and technology training. This pro-bono service is unique and has been important to many nonprofits in Florida,” says Marina Pavlov, Executive Director, Florida Association of Nonprofits. “LAN Infotech is providing pro-bono Microsoft Teams training to nonprofits at a time when our community needs it the most. Working together, we hope to help thousands of nonprofits and millions of the constituents they serve throughout Florida.”
The LAN Infotech team believes that members of the Fort Lauderdale community, and the nation as a whole, need to work together and offer help where they can to make sure everyone continues to thrive during these trying times. By helping organizations that need it most, LAN Infotech can help to keep them be productive and secure, as well as help to ensure they grow in the future.
“Unequivocally, LAN Infotech provided the necessary training to our Chamber members in preparedness for businesses to work remotely and helping to identify the best digital platforms for engaging your teams as a source for connectivity,” says Denise Jordan, Executive Director
Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce.

About LAN Infotech

LAN Infotech is an IT support and consultation provider that aims to deliver useful and cost-effective solutions for their small to mid-size business clients. They provide this service in conjunction with 40+ partner solutions and a focus on assessment and specialized solutions. LAN Infotech’s comprehensive services include managed services, business continuity, email archival, Cloud computing, digital security measures, and more.