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Because there’s no shortage of threats to Internet-connected business networks, LAN Infotech has answered the call for better, more finely-tuned firewall management.

We’ve developed managed firewall services protocols that any-sized South Florida business can benefit from.
In today’s constantly web-connected business environment, you are a continuous target for network threats and cyberattacks. As such, constant vigilance is required to protect your network and minimize your risk of infiltration. You need the kind of managed firewall services that require significant expertise and resources to keep these constant threats at bay, but which all too often translates into additional costs to your IT budget.
LAN Infotech is here to change that equation for the better.
Our Commitment to Your Network Protection
Much like an army forming a defensive barrier, LAN Infotech’s team of security experts create your firewall defense plan, and form a phalanx to keep DNS-based attacks upon your domain at bay. Whether it’s detecting attackers, disrupting their malicious activities or blocking them to prevent dangerous breaches.
How Does Managed Firewall Service Work?
Our managed security services involve various approaches that help to ensure the control and maintenance of the security of your network. In some instances, managed security services will address the overall security of the network, or provide varying levels of security to sections of servers or even to specific workstations that are attached to the network.
In this way, you could say we’re a managed security service provider, or MSSP. We believe in the idea that it’s the responsibility of the provider, not the user, to protect the client’s Internet and network access from predators, threats, and exploits.
The Proactive IT Advantage
LAN Infotech works hard to defend the IT systems and networks of our valued clients. This is thanks in no small part to our many years of helping our clients secure their IT infrastructure, setting up automated firewall monitoring, enabling Managed notifications, and remediation in the event of an intrusion or attempt. Our comprehensive, proactive IT services include:

  • Security Policy Development
  • 24×7 Monitoring & Alert Response
  • Security Tuning
  • High Availability Configurations & Implementation
  • Managed Updates
  • Automatic Failover

Above & Beyond “Normal Protection”
LAN Infotech has made it part of our managed service protocol to go above and beyond the yardstick of normal or “standard” when it comes to making sure our clients are fully covered on firewall management.
We improve network availability and protect your IT assets at the same time. Our firewall management protects against unauthorized access to valuable business resources and helps ensure network security and availability. Our firewall services also include advanced monitoring and reporting to help you comply with security and regulatory requirements.
Managed firewalls are information security systems which are constantly monitored and updated by detailed analysis. Like typical firewalls, they consist of software, hardware, or a combination of both designed to prevent unauthorized access to and from a private computer network.
However, managed firewalls are usually administered by a third-party company specializing in information security. Most managed firewalls are used by businesses that have both the need and budget for the extensive protection this type of system offers.
For most business networks, a consumer-level firewall service offers ample protection against unwanted access. However, for businesses with multiple computers connected to the Internet around the clock, and with sensitive data such as personal or credit card information stored on their system, managed firewalls are a critical resource in keeping information secure, due mainly to compliance regulation laws.
Foregoing In-House IT Expenditure for the Outsourcing Advantage
Basic consumer-level firewalls are simply not intended to handle the amount of traffic generated by a business with many network users or multiple locations. Large companies may have enough analysts to assign personnel to designing, installing, and maintaining managed firewalls on-site, but for smaller businesses, however, the construction and maintenance of managed firewalls should be outsourced.
Managed firewalls maintained by companies like ours also allow a business to focus on day-to-day operations without having to devote time or finances to hiring and training employees to manage the security system on the premises.
We also offer the experience and expertise of trained security professionals. Once you’ve elected to go with our managed services, an initial consultation and security audit is performed to determine your business’s needs. The managed firewalls are then built and installed using state-of-the-art technology, such as custom processors, to ensure that the firewall offers protection above that of consumer-level software without hurting your network performance at all.
Further Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) Advantages
Once the firewall is implemented into the network, our off-site analysts manage all areas of firewall maintenance, including software updates and troubleshooting. If any possible security issues arise, they are addressed immediately by our experts in firewall as a service. Around-the-clock monitoring and threat response is generally built into the cost of our managed firewalls.
The best managed firewalls offer rapid response to any necessary changes in security policy, attacks on the network, or reconfigurations necessitated by user changes. Vendors must also supply reports so that the firewall’s performance, as well as the accompanying support, can be evaluated. Other considerations in selecting managed firewalls include information backup and hardware replacement.
Ready for Managed Firewall Services That Won’t Fail You?
To get the network protection assurance you require, give LAN Infotech a call at (954) 717-1990 or send us an email at sales@laninfotec1dev.wpengine.com to get started. With our managed firewall services say goodbye to constant threats and worry and hello to the ability to maintain focus on non-IT tasks!