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The Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce recently featured LAN InfoTech in a video to explore our contribution to their organization and the local community. 
LAN InfoTech is a proud member of the local business community. As much as we value the time we spend working with local businesses by providing expert IT services, we also recognize how important it is to network with other members of the business community in other ways.

Case in point: the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce. For more than a year, LAN InfoTech has been a trustee member of the Chamber, and we’ve come to appreciate how much more connected we’ve become with the Pompano Beach business community because of it.
In recognition of our efforts in the local area, the Chamber recently featured LAN InfoTech in a video, talking about what we do as a business and what we contribute to the community.
David Reece, Community Relations Officer at LAN InfoTech spoke about how, through networking events, the Chamber connected him with our team, which eventually led to him working with us.
“If it wasn’t for the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce, I would not have my job today,” says David. “I met Michael Goldstein, owner of LAN InfoTech, at several chamber events. Networking here, networking there; through the chamber, I was able to connect with Michael, and wouldn‘t you know it – he offered me a job.”
The feature also touched on how our team, with facilitation from the Chamber, puts on presentations to educate local business owners and community organizations about modern cyber threats, and the cybersecurity solutions they need to protect themselves. This is more important than ever for businesses given how serious cybercrime has become in recent years. Both regular businesses and non-profits in the Pompano Beach community have benefited from the informative presentations that the LAN InfoTech team has held in partnership with The Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce.
The Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce is a business organization of over 600 business and professional people who have joined together for the purpose of promoting the civic, commercial, and economic progress of the community. The Chamber is not only the VOICE of business; it is a way for our diverse membership to channel their energies into efforts from which the entire community benefits. The united efforts of many can accomplish much more than any single business.
The Chamber is also the defender of the free enterprise system, which is this nation’s way of life and the system that has brought the highest standard of living to the greatest number of people.
Membership in The Chamber is an investment in the community. Businesses are not “joining” an organization, they are “investing” in their business. Membership in The Chamber affords us the opportunity to make the Greater Pompano Beach area a better place in which to live and do business.
“LAN InfoTech has been a trustee of the Pompano Chamber for over a year now,” says Michael Goldstein, President of LAN InfoTech. “The business benefits have greatly increased our reach, and well as the clients that we have been able to add. I’m a believer that what you get is what you put into it, and so we’ve participated in a lot of events, we’ve sponsored a lot of events, and we feel that this has been a great investment for our company.”
For more information about the services that LAN InfoTech delivers to business throughout the Pompano Beach community and beyond, call (954) 717-1990 or email sales@laninfotec1dev.wpengine.com.