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South Florida Law Firms Calls LAN Infotech For ProLaw Help

Is your firm using or considering ProLaw for your front office, back office, or both? If so, LAN InfoTech is here to help you get the most from your ProLaw experience!. We offer ProLaw support and services to legal and professional service organizations throughout Fort Lauderdale and Florida.

From implementation and cloud hosting to quality assurance testing and custom report development, our team has the knowledge and skill to ensure that your firm receives all the benefits possible from your investment in ProLaw.

ProLaw is the business management solution that ties together every member of your team. ProLaw is the ideal solution for small to mid-size law firms, helping your team collaborate more efficiently and effectively and focus on what you do best: deliver exceptional client service.

South Florida Law Firms Calls LAN Infotech For ProLaw Help

How Your Firm Can Benefit From Prolaw Cloud Hosting

Working in the cloud has evolved from a trendy alternative to a necessity. Cloud computing offers business flexibility and risk mitigation, making it an ideal solution for your law firm. Moving your ProLaw application to the cloud will make your firm more agile and also provide additional security and protection that on-premise systems can’t deliver.

ProLaw cloud hosting through the cloud enables you to access your data in real-time, from any location on any device your law practice may use. Cloud hosting allows you to work at home, on the road, or wherever you may be. In addition, ProLaw cloud hosting removes connectivity barriers with remote clients. As a result, it makes it easier for seasoned partners who are often traveling on business, involved in conference calls, or have other demands on their time to stay connected.

LAN InfoTech’s ProLaw Cloud Hosting service includes:

  • Two-step security validation
  • Dedicated server space
  • Highly encrypted data
  • Hassle-free scalability
  • Easy onboarding
  • 24/7 customer support

Take Control Of Your Finances

ProLaw’s reporting and business intelligence tools make it easy for you to immediately get the information you need. Standard and customized reports give you detailed information and analysis of all your firm’s data and activities.

Tailored management reports can provide the insight you need to boost profitability. For example, ProLaw’s business reporting tools can show you ways to increase efficiency and bill more hours, improving your bottom line.

ProLaw cloud computing enables you to automate core functionality with up-to-date transaction postings, budgeting, financial reports and analysis, and cost recovery tools. These valuable tools meet the unique accounting requirements of contingency-based cases while monitoring and calculating firm and client net under different scenarios, enabling your team to manage case settlements quickly and efficiently.

Protect Your Clients And Your Firm

ProLaw is secure, cloud-based legal practice management software. All of the data and configurations are stored and backed up in LAN InfoTech’s secure cloud storage. In addition, LAN InfoTech operates a high-security infrastructure secured from both physical and cyber-attacks.

The team at LAN InfoTech is committed to providing law firms in the Fort Lauderdale area with safe online services so lawyers can focus on serving clients and practicing law rather than dealing with technology. With LAN InfoTech as your partner for IT services, you can rest easy knowing that your data is always stored in a securely hosted environment.

With LAN InfoTech on your team, you can leverage the power of ProLaw and reduce compliance risk. ProLaw also provides you with intuitive records management capabilities that enable you to manage and safeguard physical files efficiently.

ProLaw cloud hosting allows you to effectively analyze prospective clients and quickly identify potential conflicts of interest before you begin the work. In addition, ProLaw’s powerful rules-based docketing and calendaring functionality helps keep you on schedule and avoid the potential of a missed deadline.

Quality Assurance Testing

One of the most vital steps in a new implementation or upgrade is quality assurance testing, but unfortunately, this step is often skipped. Quality assurance testing ensures that your ProLaw application functions as you expect and that you benefit from the system reaching its full capability.

Quality assurance testing is the only way to guarantee that ProLaw will work properly before a technology issue affects your daily operations. At LAN InfoTech, we provide our clients with comprehensive quality assurance testing, including:

  • Full-time quality assurance testing experts who understand ProLaw and the legal industry
  • A centrally coordinated team effort
  • An extensive test case library with industry-recognized business processes that speed up and simplify the testing procedure
  • A delivery model that runs most testing procedures at night, maximizing your daily productivity while minimizing stress on your servers
  • Examination of your system and customizations by an independent outside party
  • Verification of your application’s setups and customizations

Application Integration And Case Management

ProLaw provides comprehensive built-in integration with several industry-leading applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Intuit® QuickPayroll, and more. You can also extend ProLaw to integrate with other applications using custom tabs.

ProLaw cloud hosting transforms client interactions with seamless access to all the pertinent data and information your staff needs. With ProLaw cloud-based services, you have all the essential information you need at your fingertips, making it simple and efficient to collaborate with clients and colleagues.

Custom Development Support From LAN InfoTech

ProLaw is excellent right from the box. However, sometimes customizations are needed. At LAN InfoTech, our developers make customization a breeze. We work with many law firms and have a wealth of knowledge and experience with ProLaw and numerous other legal apps and the hosting of these apps in the cloud.

We offer our clients award-winning customer service and the benefit of over 20 years of experience helping law firms with their IT services, and an innovative problem-solving attitude. Our team of IT experts can increase the performance of your ProLaw application and ensure that your firm is reaping the full benefits the application offers.

No matter the size of your firm, if you are using or considering the ProLaw application, we can help. Contact us today to learn how our team can help you gain the full benefits of your ProLaw application and put your firm in the best position for success.

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