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Outlook’s ‘Send Later’ Option Helps Sidestep Business Drama

The ‘Send Later’ option included in Outlook delivers time-efficiency benefits. It also gives passionate industry leaders a chance to reflect on heated words.  

It takes a particular type of personality to excel in business. If top industry leaders and business visionaries in South Florida were to take the Myers-Briggs personality test, many would be considered ENTJs. That stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging. In psychology circles, they are sometimes called “commanders” and comprise only about 2 percent of the population.
While highly motivated CEOs and other captains of industry ascend, in part, because of their passion and driven-nature, there are times when emotions can get the best of you. It’s not uncommon to get a tad hot under the collar when receiving an email that negotiation has broken down or you have a serious disagreement with a key stakeholder. Whatever the reason your temper flares for even a moment, emailing angry might be the worst possible response. Such practices generally set off a firestorm of heated emails that detract your business focus and waste valuable time. That’s why Microsoft Outlook has devised a nifty tool called “Send Later.”

How Does Send Later Work?

Microsoft Outlook’s send later option was crafted because even the most determined industry leaders have impulsive moments. Not to mention, the average person dealing with work and life stress can forgo the consequences and prematurely click send. Utilizing these Send Later steps can avoid a great deal of unnecessary workplace drama.

  • Compose your email by either create a new one, reply or forward
  • Scroll to the Microsoft Outlook Options tab near the send button
  • Locate and select Delay Delivery, or Send Later
  • Locate and check the Do Not Deliver Before box
  • Select the date and time for email delivery
  • Closeout and click Send

The email will remain in your application until the time you chose for delivery. This generally gives you some time to reflect on the ramifications and a better strategy to overcome this speed bump. That is what leadership personalities do so well.

Benefits & Send Later Strategies

The clever Outlook option not only allows cooler heads to prevail, but it also delivers time efficiency benefits with a little planning. According to a report published in the Harvard Business review, professionals spend 28 percent of their work hours engaged in upwards of 120 messages daily. That’s an astounding amount of valuable time spent on one form of electronic communication.
One of the strategies professionals are adopting involves scheduling email response and creation into designated blocks. For instance, a decision-maker may choose to utilize the first 30 minutes of the day responding to accumulated emails. These can be timed with the Send Later option to avoid a barrage of responses. Emergencies can be handled with face-to-face communication or phone calls.
Depending on your workflow, the strategic bulk send will likely result in your inbox swelling. Some business executives opt to implement a second wave of responses after lunch and perhaps a third before leaving for the day. Professionals that utilize this send later strategy tend to gain the following benefits.

  • Anticipate and plan for email responses
  • Reduce the amount of time working exclusively on email
  • Reduce the number of emails sent and received daily
  • Free up time for goal-achieving tasks and thought leadership

Whether you are an ENTJ or a passionate professional with another Myers-Briggs personality type, the Send Later option provides time efficiency and can keep you out of hot water.
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