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Advantages Of Outsourced IT
IT services in Fort Lauderdale will save time and money while helping small community banks remain technologically cutting-edge. More and more, remaining competitively viable requires having more extensive tech solutions. With outsourcing, you can get “more eyes” on the problem. Even an internal team made up of a dozen IT experts can’t hold a candle to an outsourced department which services multiple clients and can afford to truly examine an issue in depth.
Life Happens
It’s not that skill can’t be had on the part of the smaller, internally-sourced solution— it’s that “life happens.” There are going to be power outages, influxes of clients at a time when there isn’t time to see to their needs, programming errors, human error— the list goes on. Additionally, there’s this reality: small community banks are regularly in a position where they’re responsible for the same level of compliance in a legal sense as larger, sometimes international organizations. That kind of compliance can predicate technical realities which are very expensive, both in terms of actual IT solutions, and in lost time. With an outsourced solution, these kind of difficulties are much less affecting.
Some compelling reasons to source IT services in Fort Lauderdale of an outsourced variety include:

  • The Increasing Complexity of Necessary IT Solutions
  • Cost of On-Site Implementation
  • Transitioning Regulatory FFIEC Compliance Requirements and Regulation Guidelines
  • Cost of Not Properly Meeting Compliance Regulations

As previously noted, the IT requirements to operate a state-of-the-art bank are only getting more complex. The transition of technology solutions continues an upward march, also— if you’re going to stay abreast of it, unless you’ve got assets which are entirely disposable, you’re not going to be able to keep on top of them. The on-site implementation expenses are too high.
On-Site Implementation
If you have your own solutions at the local community bank in question, you’ll have to source them yourself, install them yourself, maintain them yourself, source backup solutions yourself, make sure all such tech solutions are in proper compliance internally, and hire requisite staff to ensure all these things are undertaken correctly. Then, additionally, you’ve got to throw all that technology out the window every five years or so as more regulations and tech solutions become necessary. There are tens of thousands of dollars lost annually through internal solutions. Unless your local community bank is the Vatican, going this route isn’t likely to be ultimately cost-effective.
Compliance Requirements
One of the reasons compliance needs to change in tandem with regulation transition is because technology transitions are statistically predictable. As things like the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) develop, they naturally recommend new regulations— there’s just no way around it. If you’re sourcing things internally, this becomes more difficult.
To add insult to injury, should certain regulatory agencies find your small community bank isn’t in compliance, they’ll issue a citation. These get costly fast.
Finding Reliable Outsourced IT Solutions
IT services in Fort Lauderdale through LAN Infotech can put multiple professional eyes on any on-site IT issue your organization may have. This can help you get an idea of actual needs, and stay relevant as new developments become available. Contact us  to avoid unnecessary costs and retain relevant IT solutions.