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Is Ransomware Really A Threat To Small Businesses?

Think your business’s small size will protect you from cybercriminals?
Think again – smaller organizations aren’t flying under the radar. You’re in just as much danger as larger businesses, or perhaps, even more so, if you don’t have the right cybersecurity measures in place.
Case in point – nearly half of all reported data breaches in 2019 affected small businesses.
Learn all about the risk ransomware poses to small businesses in our latest video:


The Truth About Cybercrime Taste In Targets

You might think that cybercriminals would rather go after bigger targets, for bigger payouts, and that smaller targets would be worth their time. Unfortunately, that’s not really how it works.
The fact is that most cybercriminals aren’t spending all that much time or effort in any attack – they’re just sending phishing emails, setting up malware traps, and other largely passive and automated tactics.
Combine this with the fact that most small businesses fail to implement even standard cybersecurity measures, and you’ll start to understand why cybercriminals go after them so often.
According to the 2019 Shred It Protection Report:

  • 31% of small business owners report that human error or accidental loss by a staff member led to a data breach.
  • 33% of respondents have not trained employees on cybersecurity best practices to defend them against phishing and ransomware.
  • 30% of small business owners have no policy for storing confidential documents.

That means that your safety doesn’t depend on your size – it depends on what you’re doing to protect yourself. That’s why you should invest in a little expert protection – Lan Infotech.
We can put our big business cybersecurity expertise to work for you, implementing best practices, identifying vulnerabilities, and protecting you against the more common and dangerous cybercrime scams.
Click here to get in touch with one of our cybersecurity experts or call (954) 717-1990 for more information on the protection Lan Infotech can offer you today!