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Microsoft Teams Chat And Windows 11

Recently, Microsoft announced the release of Windows of 11, which is set to happen later in the year. Users received the news with excitement, curious to know what new features the platform would bring to the table.

One of the outstanding features was the enhanced security factor through the TPM 2.0. Other areas of interest are the improved user interface, design and layout, and minimum system requirements that may see many users upgrade to more advanced machines.

Interestingly, these are not the only unique features of Windows 11. Around mid-July 2021, Microsoft made a new announcement, saying that it was rolling out a Windows 11 update that would incorporate a Chat feature. This would allow users to talk to their family and friends through the Microsoft Teams platform.

If you’re already testing Windows 11 through the Windows Insider program, you can try the Chat feature before the operating system becomes available for everyone.

What Does the Windows 11 and Teams Chat Integration Look Like?

Microsoft is making Microsoft Teams more straightforward by adding it to Windows 11 taskbar. The integration is currently called Chat and is closely similar to Skype Meet Now. You will have access to the same set of features, including live emoji integrations, immersive meeting experiences, recordings, and more.

However, those who have tried it report that the experience is significantly better. This could be attributed to the fact that the Teams chat app on Windows 11 is based on a newer version of Teams, Microsoft Teams 2.0. Besides, it’s powered by the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge’s WebView.

While Teams Chat is not a full-fledged Microsoft Teams client, it provides users with a platform to do video calls and chat, a function that is otherwise known as Meet. If you want to launch Teams Chat on Windows 11. Just click the little chat icon on the taskbar. Alternatively, using Win + C shortcut will complete the action for you.

How Does Teams Chat Work on Windows 11?

Teams Chat provides two outstanding features, which are Chat through text, and video calls through Meet. To get started, you need to find the contact you want to communicate with and send them an invitation if they haven’t already joined the Teams Platform.

The integration is free, and the people you invite will receive your message via SMS or email. If they are already known to you, you can locate them using the search function on the Teams platform. They will automatically be detected through your Outlook, Skype, or Teams accounts. Consider syncing your contacts for better communication with your friends and family.

Currently, you can only use the platform to send and receive messages. The video calls or meeting feature is not fully functional, but Microsoft promises it will soon be available. It will also allow users to share their screens and provide support for presence and status settings.

What More is Coming

When the Team Chat Integration is fully functionally, users will enjoy the following features:

  • Reaching out to someone will be as easy as clicking on the Chat icon on the taskbar. At a glance, you will see most of your recent chats, both with individuals and groups.
  • When your contacts reach out to you first, you will receive native notifications. You can respond directly to text chats online. The platform allows you to accept or decline calls straight from the notifications. You can also choose whether to pick up calls as audio or video.
  • There will be no need for special codes to connect with your contacts. All you need is to send a message to their email to join the platform if they wish.
  • You can sync your contact list on Skype or Outlook with Teams Chat to save you time.
  • Easily invite other people to a video call or group chat by copying the link and sharing it through email even if they don’t have teams installed.

Benefits of Teams Chat Integration With Windows 11

Users stand to gain a lot from the integration of Teams Chat into Windows OS:

  • Collaboration through channels: you can have meetings with a group of people you choose to have in the forum, provided you are the admin.
  • Integration of tools in a single location: the convenience that Teams provides is unmatched. It has audio and video calls, allows you to work on files without leaving a chat, and share tasks with people from a channel.
  • Streamlined communication: you can enhance team productivity by making online meetings, chats, shared files, conversations, and tasks available on a single platform.
  • Increased productivity: no team member will miss out on essential updates as the chats and conversation history is readily available. Besides, everyone on the channel receives the same message simultaneously, and the discussion can keep moving forward. Every new team member that joins has access to all the previous chats.
  • Automated messages: make use of Microsoft Teams to handle the repetitive and boring tasks for you. Set reminders, send automated messages to groups, organize meetings, and much more.
  • Ease of integration with third-party tools: tools like Trello, Dropbox, Jira Cloud, Polly, Google Drive, Asana, and Adobe Creative Cloud can efficiently work with Teams for greater flexibility.

Potential Pitfalls Of Windows 11 and Teams Chat

While there is not much discussion around the potential drawbacks of Windows 11 integration with Teams Chat, it’s not to say that everything is well-balanced. Some notable challenges include:

  • A confusing file structure: Teams can be a little confusing when trying to locate a file through a folder structure. Everything you upload to the conversations is channeled to the root folder, and if you try to organize and move them into specific folders, the file links will break.
  • Lack of a unified chat: the platform lacks a unified chat feature to let to search what you need from the conversations.
  • Limits on channels: you can only be part of 200 public channels and 30 private ones. Each channel also has its limits.
  • Uses too much space: the platform clogs up space when everyone creates teams. However, you can restrict the number of people who can create groups, but the process is not straightforward.

Final Thoughts On Teams Chat With Windows 11

As mentioned, Teams Chat integration is only rolling out now and is only available to a subset of insiders. It’s unclear what will remain and what will change by the time of its release to the public. Probably Microsoft will give thought to the pitfalls and address them accordingly.

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