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When your computer starts to run slow or hesitates when trying to open documents, the only thing you want is for it to hurry up. A computer that runs slowly may be experiencing a variety of issues, most of which will require a professional tech team to resolve. With that being said, be very wary of who you enlist to help you boost your computer’s performance. Tech support scams are everywhere and if you aren’t careful, falling into one of their traps is easier than you think.

Pop-Up Warnings
Tech service scams often hide behind pop-up warnings that show up out of nowhere on your PC or laptop. Never trust a pop-up anything. If they appear, don’t engage in any type of conversation, instead, shut down your computer immediately. If you start interacting with them through messages, the scammers can upload malware to your computer allowing them access to your private information.
Avoid Unsolicited Emails
Avoid all unsolicited emails. If an email looks familiar, but contains unknown links, delete it immediately. Opening links that are attached to unknown or unsolicited emails can lead to malware or spyware being uploaded to your system. Not only will they have access to the information already on your computer, but they will also have access to any information you store on it in the future. It’s difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate email and one sent by a scammer, so err on the side of caution and don’t trust any links.
Never Allow Access to Your Computer
If you work with an online IT service company, they may ask for access to your computer. This type of “access” allows a third-party agent to take over your system from a remote location. While this is fine if you are working with a company you have used in the past and have a trusted relationship with, allowing access to an agent from a company you don’t really know is extremely risky. Once the agent is allowed in, they can perform any number of scans and collect any type of data they choose and never do anything to fix your issues.
Only Work With Tech Companies That You Know Are Legit
It’s important to remember one important details. A legit tech company will not solicit your business. If they do, it will not be in the form of scare tactics like pop-ups that claim your device will be damaged if you don’t contact one of their technicians immediately. Tech service scams thrive on scare tactics and threats to lure you into their trap. If you feel forced or pressured into allowing a third-party agent to access your computer, turn it off immediately. If you are still having trouble with your system take your computer into a computer repair shop.
It can be hard to protect your computer when you don’t know who you can trust. The key is only working with companies you know. Get referrals or take your computer into an actual business. Once you establish a relationship with them, then you can allow them access to your system if an issue arises in the future. Until then, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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