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Apps are undeniably fun. They can be used to play games such as Angry Birds, check the latest Hollywood gossip or learn which Thai restaurant in your town is ranked the best by local diners. But what about for your business? The good thing is there are lots of apps to help you grow your small business in 2014. And the Orlando Business Journal just recently ran a story highlighting some of the finest.

Business on the go

Square Register is an incredibly useful app. It allows business owners to accept credit and debit cards by swiping a small square device that hooks up to your iPad or iPhone. As the Orlando Business Journal says, no small business that operates mobile locations — such as restaurants that run food trucks or retailers operating kiosks in busy malls — should be without this device.

The end of business card clutter

Is your desk drawer stuffed with business cards? You can change this using the CamCard app. After you download it, you can use it scan your business cards and have the information on them automatically put into the contacts section of your smartphone. As the Orlando Business Journal writes, it’s easy to see how this app will make you and your business more productive.

No more scheduling snafus

The Asana Mobile app is another one that no small business owner should do without. This app lets you post the schedule for yourself and your business. Your staffers — those you give permissions to, at least — can then open this schedule to view which tasks need to be completed for the day. Staff members can also determine which tasks are assigned to specific staffers and those that still need to be tackled. It’s a great way to keep your business organized and efficient.