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Miller’s Back!
“You are the one that filed the missing person report?” The cop had an uncharacteristically expressive mustache situation.
Mike Jerry brushed sweat away from his forehead. “Yes!”
“How’d you know we found him two hours ago? You use your, ah, IT services in Miami to hack our radios?”
“What? No! One of your guys showed up in a suit and frightened the heck out of my receptionist!”
“What kind of uniform did he have?”
“Um… a three-piece suit? He was a bald guy, had a funny accent and reflective aviators.”
The cop looked skeptical, and so did his mustache. “Let me get this straight. You file a missing person report— because you didn’t want to alarm your employees. This Miller never goes missing, never misses work— just a general Johnny Appleseed. Then you show up before we even notify you, and say we notified you. Hmmm.”
” ‘Hmmm’ what, you a hummingbird? Let me see Miller! We’ve been worried sick!”
” ‘Hmmm’, I think you’re fishy.”
“Yeah, you and your mustache. Look, he’s not just a co-worker or an employee— he’s my friend! And one of the best providers of IT services in Miami!”
Finding Miller
Officer Suspicious had a mustache twitching episode, then said: “Alright. This way,” and he led Mike across a bit of police tape and down a path toward a lake ringed in cattails certainly hiding a number of alligators. There was Miller, sitting under a towel on a police truck with the tailgate down. He had a blank look.
Several officers were interrogating a clean-shaven skinny man with shorts that were too high and a V-neck t-shirt. He was bald and had reflective sunglasses. Mike overheard one of the officers talking: “You say you’re a tour guide?”
“I am tour guide, yes,” said the bald man. He had a strange accent. Mike perked up his ears.
“And what were you doing here?”
“I was previewing tourist area, and then I see man floating peacefully in lake, looking at the cloudy sky. Like I am having told you.”
“Like you are having told us?”
“And then I am thinking: this man is missing man I am reading about, who provides IT services in Miami like:

  • On-Demand Support/Response
  • Tech Fixed Right Initially
  • Flat-Fee Services
  • Expert Consultation
  • Ongoing and Proactive Maintenance
  • 24/7 Support and Fast Response Times

…through IT provider LAN Infotech! I must be calling the police agencies!”
Another Suspicious Character
“That guy still talking weird, Carlos?” Said the mustachioed cop.
The officer conducting the interview looked over at Carlos and Mike as they came down the path. “You betcha,” he said, then turned back to the strangely-attired bald tour guide. “Where’d you say you were from?”
The bald man started to laugh, “I am being from exterior tour agency, HA!” Then there was some strange bright flash, the cops yelped, somebody fired a gun—
And the man was gone. The cops jumped into action and twitched their facial hair for all they were worth.
Mike felt his stomach drop again, then shook his head and ran over to Miller, who continued to stare blankly into space as he sat on the tailgate with the blanket over his shoulders, not even shivering. “Miller! You alright? Miller! …Miller?”
But Miller said nothing at all.