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Technology makes life easier. That’s undeniable. Yet it can also add to the stress we face every day. Thankfully, technology will become a little more consumer friendly in 2014. At least that is what the Christian Science Monitor newspaper projected in a recent story.

Overwhelmed by data?

The Christian Science Monitor story pointed to some alarming facts about the tech overload we go through. For starters, the story observed that the digital universe is doubling in size approximately every two years. Next, the story also reported there are now more than 600 million websites to explore. Then there’s the fact that the App Store today is packed with more than 1 million apps.

The power of simple

The good news from the Monitor story is that simplicity is the big tech trend of 2014. Consumers will demand that their technology become easy to use and easier to understand. Indeed, what’s the point of having all this tech if you need to be a genius to understand how to use it?

Tech leaders already simplifying

This is sensible because we know already that simple can pay off. Just have a look at Google and Apple. These two tech giants already offer some of the simplest but most powerful tech tools out there. Consider the elegant simplicity of Google search or the out-of-the-box computing power of the iPad. Let’s hope that Google and Apple can inspire other tech providers to move toward simplicity.