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What Are The Various Document Management Systems (Good/Bad) Used By Law Firms?

As federal and state courts mandate the e-filing of digital documents for most legal matters due to COVID-19, more law firms are now implementing document management systems to keep their firm’s documents organized, searchable, and easily accessible to their remote-based employees. Unfortunately, not all legal management systems out there are built to provide the same level of support that your law firm needs. The best platforms should include document versioning and audit trails that track user access to sensitive documents while limiting access to certain firm users.

If you are struggling to pick the right document management tool that guarantees the security of documents while enhancing efficiency and collaboration, read on:

5 Best Document Management Systems in 2021


Amberlo is cloud-based law practice management software ideal for managing records, clients, documents, timesheets, bills, and more. If you are looking for an exceptional document management platform to help create contracts, store original documents in a centralized location and manage framework agreements, this choice is the best. The platform comes with a CRM module that allows professionals of small to large law firms to create and handle contract information, including contact and billing details. It also helps lawyers plan schedules, client meetings, and follow-ups, thanks to an integrated auto-calendar. Amberlo also comes with features that enable law firms to search, organize case files, contracts, invoices, and contacts and even create separate versions of all these files so firms can track their entire change history.


  • A beautiful and very intuitive user interface and does not require any specialized training
  • Web and mobile apps function flawlessly
  • Valuable features such as a chronometer make it even more convenient
  • Amberlo is pretty easy to use


  • It’s not easy to integrate Google Drive or Dropbox into the platform.


Clio is an excellent case management system that enables law firms to create custom structures for billing, time entry, email management, and more. You will definitely love this software’s time-oriented management approach that integrates deadline tracking and sorts all important documents accordingly. Ideally, the software organizes clients’ cases, billing, and other documentation according to their time sensitivity. Additionally, the Clio dashboard features billable hour targets and goals and keeps track of individual attorneys and teams’ performance based on these measures. It also boasts document automation, custom field case creation, electronic signature capture, and more. What is more, Clio mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android enables law firm employees to carry out various duties, including client interactions, document management, case management from anywhere and at any time.


  • Billing, invoicing, and payment integration that make the billing cycle for clients easier.
  • Clio platform offers integration with over 200 third party software apps
  • Provides an interface with NextChapter Bankruptcy
  • Clio mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android for remote working


  • The app’s regular updates can get confusing.


If you are looking for an exceptional document management tool for a small to mid-sized law firm, this is probably the best option. Filevine is a highly configurable case management system that manages documents, communications, and even projects. It combines intelligent communication and top-notch case file management functionalities to provide cutting-edge analytics, billing, recording, note-taking, invoicing, bill and expense tracker, and time tracking solutions. Other impressive features that come with this app include a settlement calculator, deadline management, record management, and advanced reporting. Its project management capabilities help you assign tasks and manage communication with employees, medical providers, experts, witnesses, and clients. It also boasts workflow automation tools for the automatic generation of follow-up tasks once you complete the initial task.


  • The cloud-based system allows access to case files from anywhere via phone, tablet, and computer home
  • Customizable software that allows you to have a bird’s eye view of everything going on in the cases
  • Task flows and deadline changes with instant notifications
  • Ability to text back and forth to clients within their case file


  • Quickbooks integration is pricey
  • Updates often cause glitches.
  • Not so ideal email integration

Tipalti Payment Software

Tipalti is the only end-to-end payment and document management tool to automate all global payables operations in a centralized cloud platform. You can use the platform to turn complex and confusing finance management process into normal daily tasks, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency while boosting employee job satisfaction. The tool is designed to streamline payments to customers, partners, vendors, and affiliates spread across over 190 countries. It is also a great tool that ensures you are meeting all tax and regulatory requirements with no or limited human intervention.


  • Provides National & international standard compliance
  • A whole new level of payment automation
  • Out-of-the-box reporting & analytics
  • The dashboard is clear and easy to use


  • Lack of immediate check images
  • There is no live support

Legal Files 

Legal Files software combines both office management and legal/case management tools in one system to provide you with all the legal information you need to achieve your daily work goals. With this tool, you can store and access massive amounts of data, including contact details, relations, notes, communication, and other case documents, with just a click of a button. Legal Files is ideal for a legal firm that handles various cases or private and government entities that manage bureaucratic tasks. Notably, the software gives you an option to customize your program to suit your specific needs better. Some of the notable key features of Legal Files include investigation case management, law firm case management, insurance litigation management, government case management, and university matter management.


  • Flexibility in handling different kinds of legal cases and administrative tasks.
  • Easier, faster, and more efficient collaborations and investigations
  • Customization options to tailor-fit the program to your needs
  • Data display that is readily available for viewing


  • Documents are not arranged chronologically, and it may be challenging to find the most recent version.

Looking for a Legal Document Management System?

There is no shortage of options when it comes to law firm document management tools. But not every system out there works to meet your unique needs. If you need help to choose the ideal legal document management system, don’t hesitate to contact LAN Infotech. Our goal is to help law firms in South Florida optimize their efficiency by integrating modern IT tools into their operations. We also provide a complete range of managed IT services and support. To learn more, contact us today.