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20 Secrets Hackers Don’t Want You To Know

In 2020, there were 1001 data breach cases in the US, according to Statista. And in 2021, things don’t seem to get any better as the data breach incidents through September 2021 have exceeded the number of publicly reported cases by 17%.

Hackers use many ways to infiltrate your network and manipulate it for malicious gains. Besides, cybercrime pays big, so hackers keep devising more strategies to hack your systems. Recently, Colonial Pipeline paid a ransomware demand of $5 million. That’s why you need to be watchful of any suspicious activity. Note that hackers don’t want you to know their secrets because you’ll take the necessary measures to prevent them from stealing your data.

Below are the top secrets they don’t want you to know.

Hackers Take Advantage of Misspelling Opportunities

While it’s common to have fat thumbs occasionally, these typos can easily lead you to the hackers’ world. This is because cybercriminals create sites that look identical to the one you are going to but with a URL that is off by a specific letter or number. Therefore, always double-check what you’ve typed to avoid falling into this phishing tactic.

They Are Patient

Hackers will try manipulating your system multiple times without giving up. Even after being unsuccessful the first day, they will try more passwords the next day. They never get tired of looking for more avenues to infiltrate your network.

They Send Unsuspecting Emails

Emails present the perfect loophole for hackers to infiltrate your system. They usually send unsuspecting emails asking for sensitive details such as your banking information. If you receive such emails, contact the company for confirmation before replying.

They Send You New Friend Requests

Note that hackers can send you a friend request that has a similar name to a person you know. After accepting the request, they send you malicious links. Don’t open such links until you verify the person’s profile to confirm if they are real.

Public Wi-Fi Isn’t Safe

When using a public network, you are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Even if it may seem like legitimate Wi-Fi, hackers can still log into the system and manipulate your data in real-time. Therefore, avoid public Wi-Fi as much as possible, especially when logging into sites containing your personal details or checking your bank account.

Your Router isn’t Secure

If you use older routers, they might not have additional security to protect your data. Therefore, if your router uses WEP encryption, it’s easier for hackers to break in and steal your sensitive details. Ensure your router has secure encryption and if it lacks the right security features, consult a tech expert for assistance.

They Love It When You Own Many Gadgets

Today’s world is full of interconnected devices. You may have smart assistants, smart coffee pots, smart scales, and more connected to Bluetooth. This is what hackers love. Leaving your Bluetooth connection open is a gateway for the bad guys to access your network and steal your details.

They Sneak While You Surf

Note that the bad guys are always waiting for you to log in so that they sneak in. After logging in, hackers redirect you to a malicious site. The site owner might not even know what’s happening, especially when the site doesn’t have proper security. Even if some websites look harmless, you need to be extra careful while surfing.

They Pretend to be Buyers

The bad guys can use the same online channel your customers use to purchase products. They will request personal details then send fake checks. A good precaution is to decline checks of higher amounts than you expect.

Hackers Monitor your Activities on Social Media

Hackers follow your social accounts looking for any sensitive details. This can include your children’s names, pet names, birthdays, and more, because they know you use such details as your passwords.

They Can Hack Your Smart Appliances 

Hackers can gain access to the smart devices in your home and steal sensitive information. Therefore, you should ensure that your appliances are secure using a 2-factor authenticator to prevent intruders from logging into your home system.

They Lure You with Videos on Social Media

People love watching videos, so hackers are taking advantage of this by sending malicious video links that can compromise your online data. If you spot videos from unfamiliar sources, avoid opening them because you might be risking your data.

They Are in App Stores

You may assume that app stores are safe, but hackers are there too. Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, watch out for malware-laced or scam apps that make it to the official app stores. In fact, there is an evolving list of bad apps that you should delete to stay safe.

Hackers are Constantly Upping Their Game

You may constantly look into your system for any bugs or software hackers use, but they also know you are working on more safety nets to protect yourself. Therefore, hackers are always trying to outsmart any cyber measures. Although you can beat them in their game, there are several instances when they can outwit you.

They Use Fake Software Updates

You need to update your software to offer your devices more protection. However, hackers might send fake updates that install malicious programs on your device. Whenever you get a pop-up about an update, always confirm with the software provider.

Hackers Take Advantage of Old Passwords 

If you still haven’t updated passwords for a considerable time, hackers take advantage of such situations. Keep changing passwords to prevent hackers from getting them and stealing your data.

Hackers Always Try to Trick You

Hackers may know specific details about your job role, your boss, and more. They can send you messages pretending to be your HR or boss requesting particular information. Find out from the sender before responding to such messages.

Hackers Hide in Plain Sight

Even if a website looks normal, it doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe. Therefore, whenever you are online, lookout for any suspicious activities. In most cases, malicious links lurk on regular sites waiting for you to click on them and your devices get infected.

They Take Advantage of Online Shopping

Online shopping sites will always promise you that their websites are secure. However, data breaches happen anywhere, so, make sure you use a highly secure site when shopping online, even when dealing with top retailers.

You Can Easily Repel Them

Cyber attackers want you to think they are scarier, but this will only happen when you leave your network open for attacks. You can repel hackers by:

  • Using secure payment platforms
  • Using strong passwords
  • Make sure your smart devices are 2FA enabled
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious sites or links

Seek Professional IT Help from LAN Infotech

These are some of the many tactics hackers use to steal sensitive information. You, therefore, need to work with a trusted cyber security team to protect you against the bad guys. If you are in Metro Atlanta, Lan Infotech is your trusted IT partner. Don’t wait until you are a victim of cyberattacks to take action. LAN Infotech will provide the right technology to protect your network. Schedule a consultation with Lan Infotech today for better IT support.