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CNN reports that in 2014 nearly 317 million new pieces of malware were created to attack your company’s vital data.


That works out to almost 1 million new threats per day! Today’s cybercriminals are increasingly becoming more cunning and sophisticated in their attack methods. It is vital you fully understand how this malicious code can malignantly affect and cause irreparable harm to your company.

Don’t become complacent! You need to become fully involved in continually analyzing and taking counter measures to both protect and identify new threats as they continually evolve. All the different cyber threats you face can be lumped in a single buzzword – malware. Malware includes the following:

  • Viruses – malicious code which replicates itself
  • Spyware – designed to secretly gather information from your system
  • Trojan Horse – appears as a functional app but contains code to allow hackers to access your data
  • Ransomeware – often attached to email and freezes your system until you pay a ransom fee
  • Adware – forced advertising code

These are just a sample of the malware code in use right now. Every business owner must be aware of how they might be vulnerable and always be on the look-out for problems such as:

  • Your web browser displaying unexpected toolbars
  • Pop up messages that show up on the browser
  • Your home page being altered
  • Users of your site are directed to unknown web pages
  • Your system freezes, perform very slowly or crashes

Your security systems need to be constantly re-evaluated and updated. And, more importantly, your personnel must be properly trained and instructed on how to recognize and avoid potential threats, especially through web browsing, email use, and mobile devices.

3 Proactive Steps to Safeguard Your Company from Malware!

Malware detection and security measures need not be as complicated as you think. Here’s a 3 prong game plan your company can use to defend itself from malicious malware.

  • Invest in a Business Class Firewall – Close to 99% of all attacks occur via your Internet connection. The firewall you invest in must operate in real time meaning they perform scans of everything for malware BEFORE it enters your system
  • Use Corporate Class Anti-Virus Software – Don’t skimp on your anti-virus software, and invest in top-grade anti-virus software specifically designed for business security.
  • Educate Your Staff Regularly – Perform regular staff meetings to educate your personnel on the most current threats, such as in their use of web browsing and email use, and especially their mobile devices.

Your company is being targeted by malware as you read this article. Take action now. Call (954) 717-1990 or send us an email: sales@laninfotech.com. We have the knowledge and experience you need to protect your company.