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Quid Pro Quo
IT Consulting Firm in Fort LauderdaleAn IT consulting firm in Fort Lauderdale will usually advise that you get what you give. This is the core principle which defines most working relationships. The employer gives the employee money in exchange for good work. Here’s the thing: though the employer may feel that’s enough to expect 110% from all who are hired, it really isn’t.
Why? Today, there’s a competitive job market, and oftentimes employees have experienced better employment from which they were laid off, liquidated, fired, or had to quit for reasons of health. The point is, as an employer you don’t know where your employees have been. Even if you’ve got their resume, there’s no way to get inside their head, and that’s where perceptions are born.
Natural Employee Support 
To get 110% from employees— to get them to go to bat for you with passionate earnestness every time an issue pertaining to customer service arises— you’ve got to get the perception of the employee straight. You can’t force such positive attitudes. You can’t artificially induce employees to go the extra mile— at least, not without eventually losing them. Harsh management that uses fear or intimidation over humanity will always build negative attitudes. Negative reinforcement has its place, but not as a traditional operational mode of management. You want positive reinforcement unless there is no recourse but to go the negative route. Otherwise, employees will under-perform just to spite you.
That said, if you’re sure to take care of the little things, then the big things take care of themselves automatically. Maybe you can’t afford to pay employees quite as well as some firms they may have been at previously. Well, knowledgeable IT consulting in Fort Lauderdale might (depending on your situation) advise you to provide certain creature comforts. Stock the break room with coffee and tea. Bring snacks in every now and again— there should always be candy, bagels, donuts, or pizza; maybe not many, but available to help curtail the day’s doldrums. Be colorful in your décor— don’t imprison employees in a dull, colorless office with no windows. Don’t penalize for the little things. If listening to music isn’t hurting operations, then don’t kick it out just because that doesn’t fit some professional ethic drummed into you years ago.
Tools for Success
Additionally, give employees the tools they need to succeed. Properly educate them on operations. If they’re well-trained, they’ll do better. Oftentimes employers give a bare minimum of training then harshly criticize when employees don’t measure up. This is a surefire way to induce negative attitudes. And light a fire under management’s derriere as well— they shouldn’t be off in some ivory tower “lording” their rank over employees. They should be in the trenches, getting into the “battle” with the other “soldiers” of your business. Lastly, be sure to practice what you preach! Be a good leader.
So to review:

  • Give advantages to employees where you can
  • Educate them properly
  • Be a good leader

Don’t take care of your employees and they won’t take care of your business. But take care of them, and they will take care of you. For more tips on IT consulting in Fort Lauderdale, contact LAN Infotech. We offer top-tier IT solutions as well as solid operational advice that can definitely help foster profitability in your organization.