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Common Security Vulnerabilities
IT consulting in Fort Lauderdale can be the most top-tier IT solution in the world. But it will utterly fail you if you haven’t trained your employees to handle information technology. This is the greatest vulnerability any business has, and there are several issues that must be tackled in order to address it. Hint: your operations must be foolproof.
Did you ever have an errand you need to get done, but you know you’ll forget, so you put a rubber band on your finger or write a note on your hand? You could write a note in a notebook, but you might forget to check it. The hand-writing (pun intended) is a little unsightly, but it gets the job done. Well, when it comes to IT security among internal employees, sometimes you’ve got to apply the same logic: you’ve got to outsmart yourself. This can help you cull vulnerabilities from employees who:

  • Just Want To Get Work Done Quickly
  • Don’t Understand Involved Security Risks
  • Can Be Easily Socially Engineered

Expedited Work
One of the biggest problems with any security application is impatience. Employees don’t want to do what is seen as extraneous or “busy” work— they want to get things done quickly, so they don’t have to work so hard. This is human nature. You’re going to find it in management, and you’re going to find it among those sweeping the floors at two in the morning. The only way around employees using workarounds is to account for them and plan ahead. Make security protocols secure enough they can’t be worked around.
Lack Of Understanding
IT consulting in Fort Lauderdale can be an instrumental part in ensuring your employees are able to be more secure because they understand the risks involved. There are certain security protocols which can’t be totally applied. For example, the best email filters can’t keep an employee from being hoodwinked through inexperience by a phishing scam. But if you can educate them beforehand, they’ll have some idea of potential dangers beforehand, and will thus be able to avoid such pitfalls.
The Social Engineering Component
This may be defined as one of “the oldest hacks in the book.” Basically: people who know how to “look” or “sound” like they belong in places where they don’t can get away with information, assets, or other things they shouldn’t. Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat often bulls his way through military ranks by pretending to be an officer and leveling abuse at subordinates as though he has a right to. They’re socially engineered to obey, so they do. Well, with employees, there’s a social engineering component which predicates the trust of IT. So hackers call up and say: “Hey, I’m with IT, there’s problem XYZ with your terminal. What’s your login code? I’ll get it taken care of.” Then, bam! The employee’s been phished. Consultation solutions can help your employees avoid this.
Getting Ahead of the Vulnerabilities
IT consulting in Fort Lauderdale from LAN Infotech can help get ahead of known issues, educate employees, and help accustom them to social engineering through identification protocols and other known successful measures. We can even help you avoid simple employee mistakes through continuous backup solutions. Contact us to secure your business.

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