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The Guide: Making A Contact List On Outlook On The Web

Outlook is one of the best platforms that help you in a whole host of business operations. You can receive and send emails through Outlook, along with managing your contacts. Moreover, it is a great way to create and assign tasks, print beautiful and attractive labels, and manage your digital schedule. Even though Outlook on the web offers a wide array of features yet many people are unaware of how they can make a contact list on Outlook on the web. To help you ease the stressful task and to help you get the best benefits, we’ve created a simple guide. This guide will cover the main aspects of making a contact list on Outlook on the web, as well as the addition or removal of contacts in your contact list.

What Is a Contact List on Outlook on the Web?

A Contact list, sometimes known as a distribution list, is referred to as a group of email addresses. This is quite useful in sending emails to a large group of people at once. To create, edit or view the contact lists, all you need to do is use the people page present in Outlook on the web. Just sign in to Outlook on the web, choose the people icon present at the bottom of the page, and head over to the people page. There you can freely change, create or view the contact list. To get a better understanding of the contact list on Outlook on the web, let’s take an example.

Suppose you’re a club owner who wants to send an email to a list of people that join your Fun Club. Creating a contact list on Outlook will help you to send an email to all the members in one go. Once you’ve created a list of all the members you wish to send the email to; you just need to enter “The Fun Club” in the receiver section. And you’re done! The email will be sent to the fan club members without any time wastage, extra money, or more money.

Steps to Create a Contact List on Outlook on the Web

To create a contact list on Outlook on the web, all you need to do is just follow a few steps. As soon as you complete the three steps, you can easily create a contact list on Outlook on the web. Scroll down!

  1. Head over to the people page present on the toolbar
  2. You will find an arrow present next to the icon ‘New contact.’
  3. It will open a bar that indicates three more options
  4. Choose the ‘New contact list’ icon
  5. Enter the details like the name of the list
  6. Then you can add the names or email addresses of the participants
  7. Choose the ‘Create’ option

Now that you’ve created a contact list, it’s time to add people to it.

Steps to Add People to Your Contact List

Generally, there are two main ways to add people to your contact list. These include:

  1. By editing your created contact list and by adding contacts from within the list
  2. By choosing one or more contacts and then by adding those contacts to your contact list

Let’s dig deeper!

Steps to Create a Contact List on Outlook on the Web

  1. On the people page, you will find ‘Your contact lists.’ There you can search the name of your created contact list.
  2. Choose your created contact list and then proceed to the edit option
  3. Enter people names that have email addresses
  4. Click on the Save button once you’ve added all the people

Adding People to Contact List Using ‘Add to List’ Option

  1. Head over to the people page and then choose the contacts that you wish to add to your created contact list
  2. Move to the toolbar present at the top of the page and then click on the ‘Add to list option
  3. Next to the contact list, you will find a plus sign. Click on it and add all the contacts.


Choose the ‘New contact list’ option and add the chosen contacts to a new list. Name the list, and that’s it.

  1. Close the pane when you have completed the entire list of the right contacts

Both these ways will help you to add the contacts to your created contact list. Sometimes people often add contacts and later on wish to remove them. Whether you wish to remove someone or you’ve mistakenly added a contact, let’s have a look at how you can easily remove contacts from your created contact list. Continue reading!

Similar to adding contacts to your contact list, there are two ways to remove them – by editing the list or by using the ‘Add to list option.

Remove Contacts by Editing the Contact List

  1. On the people page, move to the navigation pane. Choose ‘Your contact list’ or search by the name
  2. Choose the contact list and then move to the Edit option
  3. There you will find the cross button by the side of the name. Click the cross for the contacts you wish to remove
  4. Once you’re done, click on the Save button

Remove Contacts by Using the Add to List Option

  1. Again move to the people page and directly choose the contacts you want to remove
  2. Select ‘Add to list’ present on the toolbar where you will see a list of contacts with the title ‘already added.’
  3. Choose the cross button and remove the contacts one by one
  4. Before leaving the page, click on the save option

With these ways, you can freely remove the contacts from your created contact list.

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