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Students with developmental disabilities get hands on experience in the tech world

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – South Florida’s LAN Info Tech recently welcomed three students from the Marino Campus for a ten-week internship. Developed by the Dan Marino Foundation, the Marino Campus is a post-secondary institution for young adults with autism or other developmental disabilities. These students are provided with the support and tools needed to pick up valuable life skills, and excel in one of three available career-oriented programs; computer technology, hospitality, and retail.
Dan Marino Foundation
Each of these programs are led by experienced industry professionals, and require a set amount of hours spent interning with a local business partner in a relevant field. LAN Info Tech is proud to be one of these partners. LAN Info Tech CEO Michael Goldstein claims the partnership could not have gone any better. “It really makes you feel great to give back to the community.  We feel a personal connection to each intern student.”
The team at LAN Info Tech firmly believes that everyone deserves to have the same opportunities. Whether it’s providing corporate-level IT services to small businesses, or helping students to kick-start their career in a field they are deeply passionate about. To learn more about this partnership, and other ways LAN Info Tech gives back to the community, please contact CEO Michael Goldstein.
Michael Goldstein, CEO – LAN Infotech
MGoldstein@laninfotec1dev.wpengine.com – 954-717-1990
About LAN Infotech
LAN Infotech was established to make a difference in the South Florida community. LAN Infotech strives to help clients achieve success and grow their businesses. By providing clients with just the right technology to make their jobs easier, LAN Infotech help them be more productive toward what really matters. LAN Infotech believes in empowering business-owners based on the premise that technology should be seamless and second nature.

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