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Why You Should Protect Your Data from the Dark Web

You’ve likely heard about the dark web but don’t really understand what it is. Since most people don’t use the dark web for everyday purposes, it’s pretty commonplace to see the dark web as an enigma. While that sounds like a romanticized notion, it’s not far off.

The dark web is truly mysterious and vague for most Internet users, mainly because the dark web isn’t a place where the average Internet user lands in regular Internet search results.

Why You Won’t Discover the Dark Web Accidentally

The dark web is a collective of online network of websites, forums, and more, and earned the moniker “dark” from its cloaking methods designed to keep the average user away. Sites on the dark web apply intense security layers to prevent search engines from including these sites in search results.

The dark web, also called the deep web, is a much larger network of websites than those discoverable by the public. Let that sink in…the hundreds of pages of Google search results represent only a fraction of what you might otherwise find on the dark web, but with the added security you’d never know.

The purpose of the dark web varies, but there is one thing you can be sure of – sites looking to hide illicit activities find the dark web to be the perfect hiding place. For cyber criminals, the dark web is the ideal place to buy, sell, and trade personal information like:

  • Personally information: Names, addresses, Social Security Numbers
  • Financial Information: Credit card numbers, bank account information, PIN codes
  • Sensitive information: Email addresses and passwords

The dark web is a massive black marketplace for information like this, and isn’t limited to the information of individuals – businesses have sensitive data like financial records, employment information, and don’t even know it.

Aside from information, the dark web is also a marketplace for cyber criminals to share tips, and buy and sell software that can gain unauthorized access to a computer or a network to steal information.

How Can You Find Out If Your Information Is On the Dark Web?

Because most data ends up on the dark web, your information is likely already there. Since you can’t find the dark web through an Internet search, you’ll have a challenging time finding out if and where your information is on the dark web.

Talk to an IT firm about a Dark Web Scan, which scours every corner of the dark web to find out if your information is currently available for sale. You can also discuss options to prevent your information from finding its way onto the dark web in the future.

How Can You Protect Your Data From the Dark Web?

Protect your business and your data by increasing security through a few key steps:

  • Cybersecurity Training – Make sure your staff is trained on current cyber security best practices, including how to choose the most secure passwords, as well as security protocols for data access.
  • Vulnerability Testing – When was the last time you tested your network to check for security weaknesses? Identify vulnerabilities and fix them before they become far more expensive issues.
  • Network Security – Track and log network activity 24/7 to immediately discover unauthorized access.