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What is Facebook Wi-Fi and How Can It Help Your Business?

One of the biggest challenges many businesses face is increasing their sales, increasing their number of loyal customers, growing local exposure with new potential customers who may not be familiar with the business, and improving response rates to marketing and advertising. While these are not uncommon struggles for most businesses, there are some industries where these struggles are more prevalent.

If you do not address and optimize these challenge areas, this means you will likely have low returns on marketing and advertising, resulting in your business spending more money in an attempt to increase sales.

To grow your business, you will need to have a solid foundation in place — one that allows you to provide high-quality products and services. There are Facebook and Instagram social media marketing tactics that many businesses often overlook because either they do not know they exist or they do not know how to use them. There are social media marketing tactics that can be used with Wi-Fi, and you do not have to spend a significant amount of money on the services. For very little money, your business can make a significant impact on repeat traffic and local exposure.

Does Your Business Offer A Wi-Fi Connection?

Whether customers have Wi-Fi access at a business and how they are able to access the Wi-Fi connection can significantly impact the common business challenges areas. However, if you offer Wi-Fi access to your customers the right way, you will immediately realize the benefits. Your business can expect the following:

  • Increase in marketing and advertising returns
  • Increase in repeat traffic
  • Increase in local exposure
  • Increase in revenue

Bring Awareness To Your Brand

Many people are eager to share their lives and their interests on social media, and you can make this even easier for them when they are in your place of business. You can give customers and potential customers power by having an impact on online conversations that are centered around your business.  You can give customers more power and increase your exposure through Facebook and Instagram at the same time, and this will not lead to your business breaking the bank.

Facebook Wi-Fi

To give customers the power that encourages them to share content about your business on Facebook or Instagram, you can turn your Wi-Fi connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot on Facebook.

Facebook Wi-Fi helps small businesses and medium-sized businesses attract customers and retain those customers by providing a smooth guest Wi-Fi experience. Before we continue, let’s address a question: What is Facebook WiFi? Facebook Wi-Fi allows customers to use their Facebook login details to check into your business or interact with your Facebook Page.

With Facebook Wi-Fi, customers can easily connect to the internet using their social media accounts and engage with your business’s social media page.   In return, customers will have free access to your Wi-Fi connection.

Facebook Check-In

Facebook Wi-Fi features an easy and realistic setup that has been designed to allow customers to obtain access to a separate portal through Facebook and connect to Wi-Fi for free. When you give customers and potential customers permission to use your Facebook Wi-Fi, they will be able to engage with your business, as well as partake in any ongoing sales or promotions. Placing attention on your business through Facebook will allow other nearby customers or social media friends of your customers to learn about your business and any current promotions.

How Can You Setup Facebook Wi-Fi?

While you may think setting up Facebook Wi-Fi would be difficult, it is actually very simple. First, you will need to be a Page administrator of the Facebook page you want customers and potential customers to connect to. You will also need a valid address and a Facebook Wi-FI compatible router. There are routers that will not support Facebook Wi-Fi, so it is important that you have a router that will allow you to set up Facebook Wi-Fi. Facebook Wi-Fi hotspot users will not have access to your business’s main network, so they will not have access to any devices on your network.

How Does Facebook Wi-Fi Check-in Work?

  • A customer walks into your business. While in your business, the customer notices that you offer free Wi-Fi.
  • The customer logs in and has instant access to your Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • The customer is redirected to Facebook and is directed to check in to your business if they want to continue browsing the web.

When the customer checks in, the customers’ Facebook and Instagram friends are notified that he or she has checked into your business. This means that one customer who uses your Facebook Wi-Fi hotspot “Free Wi-Fi” user can make your business visible to every Facebook and/or Instagram friend.

Are There Security Risks with Facebook Wi-Fi?

Many people love free Wi-Fi hotspots because the hotspots grant access to the internet, but many people fear using Wi-Fi hotspots due to the risk of losing sensitive and confidential data. Many people find themselves in various situations when going from place to place, and they are unable to find a reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection. For businesses that want to use Facebook Wi-Fi should use services and solutions that will allow them to create a safe and secure connection for their customers.

Data breaches can occur intentionally or unintentionally and can occur in a variety of forms. To make sure that your connection is secure regardless of the settings you have for your Wi-Fi hotspot settings, we recommend that you use solutions and services that will protect your connection at all times. The solutions you use should be powerful enough to do the following:

  • Detect whether the Wi-Fi hotspot is vulnerable to threats and attacks
  • Determine whether the hotspot’s router is adequately protected by a complex and strong password
  • Verify the security of devices that connect to the hotspot

Facebook Wi-Fi provides a variety of benefits to businesses in all industries. However, we understand you may have security concerns regarding Facebook Wi-Fi. Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to ensure your connection is secure at all times. Contact LAN InfoTech today for more information on Facebook Wi-Fi.

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