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If you run a business in South Florida and are looking for a Fort Lauderdale IT support services company, you’re in the right place!
LAN Infotech of Fort Lauderdale is proud to provide highly efficient and effective IT services to a range of businesses and organizations in the South Florida area. Below, we will go over what you can expect from our services if you hire us — plus the numerous benefits we provide for the range of industries we serve.
But first, let’s go over why you might need an IT company in Fort Lauderdale like LAN Infotech in the first place.

Why does your business need to hire an IT services company?

A better question might be, How can your business survive without the help of an IT services company like LAN Infotech?
Today, having a designated IT company in Fort Lauderdale run these services for you is essential and critical to your success or failure as your business.
As the owner, CEO, or general manager of your business, you must ensure that all processes and systems holding up your company are the best they can be. And for nearly every company in South Florida (every company in America, for that matter!), one of these core systems that must be continuously monitored is information technology or IT services.
The scope of IT services for any company encompasses a tremendous amount. In many ways, it is only second to your overall business model regarding importance. Not only does IT include the physical computers and other technological devices that your company uses on a regular basis, but it’s also the software you utilize (both internally for upper management and employees and externally for customers and clients), your website, your Internet presence, your online subscriptions, cloud services, and more.
In this day and age, most companies have all of these facets included in their entire information technology sphere. And it’s important to note that all of these systems must not only work well individually, but they also have to work well together.
You also must remember that technology is continuously changing and updating. A lot of old software has become obsolete and may not even be compatible with today’s software and physical technology. New devices make streamlining your business easier as well, and your customers and clients want to see that you are up-to-date with responsive website design, easy to use and completely secure payment system, and more.
Finally, add to all this the fact that hackers and other cybercriminals are constantly changing the ways they steal information, hold it ransom, delete or corrupt your files and software, or breach your systems just for the fun of it — and it’s easy to see that handling IT services on your own is nearly impossible.
Moreover, if you were to hire a full-time team to run your IT services in-house, the bill for their full-time employment would be enormous.
The good news is, this is where we come in to help.

What does LAN Infotech specialize in?

At LAN Infotech, we specialize in providing top-level information technology services to a range of companies, businesses, and organizations in the Fort Lauderdale area.
We are 100% committed to helping every one of our clients achieve success by utilizing the proven technology and Internet solutions we provide. We can help you with whatever angle of services you’re looking for. While one company may want to update their website and streamline their user experience for clients, another company may be more concerned with optimizing internal software systems and getting their employees trained in new ways of using the cloud.
Whatever you are looking for regarding information technology for your business, our expert IT service professionals are here to assist you and get the job done right.

What is an MSP?

When it comes to IT services, you may have heard the term MSP. MSP stands for managed service provider.
A managed service provider is an IT services company who takes complete control of another company’ IT services, including physical technology, software, cybersecurity, online website creation and monitoring, cloud services and cloud services management, and much more. An MSP is a go-to IT services company in Fort Lauderdale that your business can turn to any time you need assistance or consultation with your Internet services, software, security, or technology.

Does LAN Infotech offer managed service provider services?

Yes! In addition to, LAN Infotech also offers complete managed services if that’s what you’re in need of. As your business’ MSP, we will be your one stop shop for all information technology services. You can contact us at absolutely any time for assistance, consultation, or anything else regarding your information services, online presence, website, computer systems, software, and more!

What specific industries does LAN Infotech serve?

Many information technology services companies in Fort Lauderdale provide services to any company anywhere, no matter the industry. But at LAN Infotech, we wanted to get more specific so that we could be absolute experts in the fields and industries we serve.
For this reason, our services focus on certain areas of industry, including the following:

Each of these industries serves different customers, clients, and patrons. At our Fort Lauderdale IT support company, understand each of these industries intimately and know the best technology, software, and other services that will best meet your needs.
Law firms, for example, need to have a strong web presence and streamlined communication system for potential clients. Those in the healthcare industry must put a strong emphasis on security as they are the keepers of many patients’ personal information.
No matter what you’re looking for in your particular industry, we can assist you in making your entire information technology services system unique to your needs.

What makes LAN Infotech the best IT company in South Florida?

LAN Infotech is a leading IT services company in South Florida. We have been in business for several years and have earned significant accomplishments in that time. For example, in 2010, we were awarded Business Leader Media’s Top 50 Entrepreneur Award. Later in 2013, we were listed in the Top 25 South Florida It Consulting Firms and nominated for the MSPmentor 501 Global Edition List. We were even awarded Awarded MSP 500: Managed Service Provider Pioneer 250 in 2014.
In addition to the accolades we’ve earned over the years, it’s important to note that at the center of every client proposal we take on is a dedication to excellence. We strive to be consistently reliable and always there for you. We like to get to know every one of our clients personally and meet with them often to make sure that the services and technology we are providing are helping them better their business in a myriad of ways.
Are you looking for IT services for your company in South Florida? At LAN Infotech, we want to be there to help you as soon as you need us. Our team of IT professionals is dedicated to increasing your overall efficiencies on a day-to-day basis and providing cost-effective and reliable technology solutions for your goals.
No matter the pain points and unique challenges that your industry in particular company face, LAN Infotech is the IT services company you need! Contact us today.

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