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How dependent are you on technology? A new survey by Harris Interactive provides what, really, is a bit of a chilling answer. As reported by the study, U.S. adults would prefer to live without sex than without their technology.

The power of tech

The Harris survey charted the percentage of adults who said that they could not live without certain items. Food — a wise choice — topped the list, with 73 percent of adults saying they could not live without it. A total of 42 percent of respondents said that they couldn’t live without their cars, the second-place answer. The next four top answers were all tech products. And respondents deemed each of these tech products as being more important than sex.

The numbers

The Harris survey found that 20 percent of adults said they could not live without sex. Coming in ahead of this? The survey found that 28 percent of adults couldn’t live without Internet access, 26 percent without their mobile phones, 24 percent without their laptops and 23 percent without television.

A changing world?

What does the Harris survey mean? To many it means that technology has become an important part of our lives, connecting us to our friends, family members, entertainment, information and news. To other people, it indicates that tech has grabbed too much of our lives, cutting us out of what was previously considered normal human interaction. The real question is, how do you view the results? And just how dependent are you on Internet access and your mobile devices?