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E-commerce and Internet marketing are constantly evolving.


Therefore, businesses that fail to keep pace with the changing trends are likely to experience negative sales growth.  If you are among this unfortunate crop of businesses, thankfully, there is a large amount of marketing research available to help you stay informed about current industry trends and consumer attitudes.

Use these 10 statistics to help you improve your e-commerce and digital marketing campaigns:

  1. According to an UPS/comScore study, 83 percent of online shoppers will elect to wait two additional days for delivery when free shipping is provided.
  2. The same UPS/comScore study also reported that nearly 70 percent of online shoppers within the US choose not to purchase from retailers that do not provide free shipping for returns.
  3. The study also observed that 58 percent of online shoppers add items to their shopping carts to be able to qualify for free shipping.
  4. In a study conducted by Nielsen, researchers noted that 76 percent of global consumers are willing to pay higher prices for foods marketed as healthy.
  5. The same Nielsen study also found that 56 percent of consumers in North America trust the health claims advertised on food products. Generally, North Americans fell in the middle, averaging higher than European consumers and less than global consumers.
  6. Research shows that online videos are becoming increasingly popular. According to a comScore study, 87 percent of Internet users in America watch video online.
  7. The same study noted that watching online videos is more popular during the day than at night with 40 percent of online broadcast TV network viewing occurring on mobile devices. On the other hand, only 20 percent of prime-programs were viewed on mobile devices.
  8. Similar research published by comScore showed that 15 percent of millennials view videos on their smartphones at least once per day. This number increases to 60 percent for once per month.
  9. Nielsen researchers found that Internet marketing is far more valuable today than ever before. A 50 percent increase in an ad’s reach increases sales by 50 percent.
  10. Nielsen also released data showing that on average, 59 percent of digital ad impressions reached the intended audience.

Incorporating the statistics from these reports to design powerful Internet marketing campaigns will enable your business to increase consumer interest and achieve the e-commerce experience necessary to accomplish customer loyalty.

For additional information about helpful statistics for successful business marketing, call (954) 717-1990 or send us an email at sales@laninfotech.com.