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Choosing Award-winning IT Services For Your South Florida Company

Businesses everywhere understand the need for quality IT support. Here’s how and why to locate the best IT Services for your South Florida business.    

The world of IT is changing rapidly, but one thing that has not changed is the importance of providing quality IT services to organizations and businesses everywhere. As our dependence on digital services, devices, and storage increases, companies are seeing the need to advance from essential in-house services to an all-encompassing professional approach to IT and wondering how to safeguard your South Florida business? It may be time to consider award-winning IT support and managed IT services.

Why Quality IT Service Matters

Many businesses across South Florida are discovering the value of partnering with managed IT services to get the support they need, without the cost of an in-house IT department. But as organizations opt for this solution, it is crucial to ensure your company is getting the best support possible.
Many managed IT providers will offer monthly maintenance, essential cybersecurity, and disaster recovery should you ever experience a data breach. Where some managed IT falls short, however, is with understanding the unique needs of your business or industry.
LAN infotech goes beyond the basic needs of South Florida companies by offering specialized support in highly specific industries such as not-for-profit, healthcare, and legal firms. Our professional team takes a different approach to managed IT. We begin by taking care of our customers’ immediate needs, and then create a plan that will help them prepare for growth, new technology, and changing industry compliance.
Once a quarter, we have a goal for each of our customers. We look at trends, business continuity, and ways to improve, maintain, and grow without adding unnecessary expense or burden on your organization. This approach to IT allows you to manage your budget, keep your business secure, and know that as you grow, there is a plan in place to successfully navigate new customers, new compliance laws, and new technology.

Professional IT Services Means Award-winning Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is no longer a minor consideration when it comes to IT. With increased data breaches, cybercrimes, and threats—especially in the healthcare, legal, and government spaces—cybersecurity is now a significant aspect of your managed IT services.
At LAN infotech, we recognize not only the growing need for better software and hardware security measures, but we also understand the human factor. Some of the largest cybercrime schemes have used phishing emails to infiltrate corporate databases and networks. What does this mean for your South Florida company?
Partnering with managed IT services through LAN infotech means you not only gain the latest protection for your network, hardware, and software, but you also learn a team of experts who will personally train you and your employees to better protect your company from human error. We help your organization identify phishing emails and social engineering techniques and provide them with a simple process for notifying and communicating when this occurs in your company.
Take your cybersecurity to the next level by choosing managed IT services that understand where and how South Florida companies are experiencing cyber threats and data breaches.

Managed IT Services with a Community-based Approach

LAN infotech provides South Florida businesses with award-winning IT services, cloud support, and cybersecurity. With a full suite of options, you can gain the level of IT support that fits your business model, or partner with us for fully managed services to cover every aspect of your organization. LAN infotech goes above, and beyond serving local businesses by also offering community support through local training, public service announcements, and courses that teach community members how to keep their phones, tablets, and other devices secure in our modern world. Book a consultation today to learn how we can support your IT needs in South Florida.