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Lawyers iphoneIn a recent survey on “Apple in Law offices 2013” conducted by Clio, a cloud-based practice management solution, Apple products are becoming a lawyer’s number one choice in the mobile workforce throughout North America. There are quite a few reasons why lawyers are choosing to go with the iPhone and the iPad, Apple realizes importance of the mobile workforce in an industry that works around the clock, which have influenced their offerings and applications to be focused towards keeping law firm’s productive at all times. Clio focuses on helping lawyers make great use out of their technology; therefore they conduct annual surveys of Apple product uses by lawyers.

In Clio’s survey, they have found that in the year 2013, 74% of lawyers are using iPhones, and 67% are using iPads. With the iPad only being introduced in 2010, there has been a significant increase of every 2 out of 3 lawyers using one. This is sad news for BlackBerry having dropped from 27% to 2%. In 2013, the usages have greatly improved from iPad usage jumping from 57% to 67% and iPhone usage skyrocketing from 12% to 74%. When Clio asked lawyers why they chose to go with Apple their main response was due to product releases and OS updates, other reasons being due to reliability, security, and usability.

Apple services provide lawyers with managed apps, enterprise single sign-on, and per app VPN’s to help keep your work and email documents secure and hidden from other users. They make it easy for you to deploy books and apps you have downloaded to your employees with ease. This makes sure you all keep on the same page and use the same applications. Your Apple device is made easy to use so you don’t have to waste time calling IT service providers for help, and you can get right to work. While the survey has been conducted mainly on lawyers in solo and small law firms, it is definitely a growing trend among all law firms. If you are currently still using a BlackBerry, or Windows phone, it’s time to start re-evaluating your mobile choice and consider relying on Apply to increase your company’s mobile workforce productivity.

To learn more about the use of Apple’s technology in the law firm, give us a call or send us an email. We will provide you with added information on how to get started with Apple products in your company.