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Security for your automobile is so important today due to the current rise in car theft. It is necessary to protect your transportation from this threat.  Your car represents a hefty financial investment, not to mention that it provides transportation for your whole family.

Stealing Cars

However, many people take auto security for granted. If you’ve ever had your car stolen, then you understand how traumatic it can be. This article will help you better understand how to perform some basic safety precautions to keep your car safe. Many insurance companies offer lower rates if you install extra protection to keep your car safe from thieves. Sit down and relax, so that you can learn how Fob systems work.

How Key Fobs Work

The main Fob systems include electronic devices. These devices function by reading a key Fob when placed in close proximity. If the key Fob is authorized, the reader sends a signal to the door and the user can gain access. Key Fob entry systems offer greater ease of use, enhanced security, and more control.

Once the key Fob is within short range to the access device reader, the system opens the car door to permit entrance only for the owner. The Fob has a special recognition number and the right-to-use system can be programmed to limit or block entry at any time. The biggest advantage of key Fobs and keyless access in general is that a Fob can be instantly blocked in case it’s stolen or lost.

Because of the uniqueness of each car’s key Fob, billions of codes are created so that each one is exclusive.  But hackers have ways of intercepting the wireless signal and then narrowing down the numerical combinations. Within minutes, a hacker’s computer program can figure out the code to unlock your car. This poses a challenge to the security of everyone’s automobile.

Why You Should Wrap Your Keys In Aluminum Foil

Unlocking your car wirelessly is a convenient technology, but it comes with limitations. Thugs have come up with easy ways to intercept the FOBs signal and seize it, locking out alarm signals. The unique key Fob code is sent to the car’s security system using a computer chip. The car has a chip that uses the same algorithm in order to generate codes. Once the codes match, then the car doors open.

Car thieves have figured out how to hack the access codes of your Fob even if it’s not in the car. By capturing and manipulating signals from Fob keys, they can steal your car in just minutes. They use products that assist in intensifying the signal from the key Fob and this allows the car to be stolen effortlessly.

One simple solution to preventing a car thief from stealing this information is to wrap your key Fob in aluminum foil when the key Fob is not in use. The foil blocks the signal, preventing thugs from being able to decode it. Though this is pretty low-tech, it does work and it isn’t hard or expensive to do. Just a bit inconvenient.

How Criminals Attack

Criminals have come up with a way of detecting key Fob signals from a distance of 300 feet away using an amplifier. Signal theft is becoming a much larger problem that even experts can’t deal with. High-powered RFID readers make it all possible. This technology is relatively inexpensive and very accessible to thieves.

Steps To Stop Car Thieves

It is possible to block these amplified signals from reaching your key Fob. One method involves buying a signal-blocking purse or wallet to hold your keys. While this is a simple remedy, it’s important to make sure your keys are properly stored so signal blocking works all the time and correctly. If you can’t afford a purse or wallet with this technology, then try lining your purse with aluminum foil. You can also line only the pouch that holds your keys with foil. Many people keep their keys in the same pocket or area of their purse, so just line that specific area with the foil and remember to place the key Fob there when not in use.

Wrap Up

These days, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything possible to keep your home and car safe. Though there are many new types of security systems to use, it can be expensive or difficult to install and use them. If your budget won’t allow it, look for easy, low-cost ways like using aluminum foil to protect your key Fob. Make it as hard as possible for thieves to steal from you. They’re often lazy folks who are searching for the easiest targets, so each layer of protection you add, makes you less of a target for car thieves.