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Microsoft Team Solutions for Law Firms in South Florida

The covid-19 pandemic created workplace challenges for every sector, including law firms in South Florida. The sudden onset of the pandemic forced the entire legal industry into fully remote work. After two years of solving challenges, remote working has become a hybrid, creating several new challenges while offering several benefits.

Microsoft Team Solutions for Law Firms in South Florida

When Will We Return to Normal?

As the pandemic has progressed, the anticipated dates for returning to business as usual have repeatedly been postponed. Many law firms have begun to acknowledge that there may not be an ideal date to return to work due to regional spikes in covid-19 cases. As a result, some law firms in South Florida have chosen to move forward with hybrid and remote solutions that create flexibility for the future.

In many cases, law firms have discovered that remote and hybrid workplace technology is a cost-effective solution that saves money. With the uncertainty surrounding the possibility of a complete return-to-office situation, hybrid technologies and policies enable attorneys to work remotely or in a hybrid fashion that is efficient and effective. The hurdles and challenges law firms face implementing hybrid technology and procedures are as unique as those encountered during the initial wave of the pandemic that forced nearly everyone to stay at home.

What Firms Want is a Solution

As the covid-19 virus continues to mutate, affecting the ability to return to work as normal, legal firms in South Florida want a single solution that meets all of their needs. Many firms expect their workplace to never return to pre-pandemic levels at all. This shift has created the need for one solution that offers all employees the same tools and foundations and can be accessed securely from anywhere with any internet-enabled device.

One significant reason behind the rapid implementation of hybrid workplace technology is the number of courts that have ceased in-person appearances as covid, and its variants spread. The development and implementation of a hybrid model have become leading factors in strategic planning and execution in 2022. The primary challenges law firms face with the implementation of this technology include:

  • Secure document storage and signing
  • The ability to collaborate in real-time
  • The need for high-quality audio and video platform conferencing.

Finding the Right Solution Is More Vital Now Than Ever

Citi survey of law firm leaders in the U.S. found that the majority wanted to see their attorneys return to the office a minimum of three days a week. The data also showed that developing a hybrid workplace solution represented the most immediate challenge of the year and that the pace of implementing the needed technology was quickening.

A hybrid workplace solution will ensure that the tools are in place regardless of the future workplace’s shape. Unfortunately, the report also found that many firms believe that remote work environments harm personal relationships and the sense of camaraderie among lawyers. As evidence, firms noted the ease with which partners and associates have switched firms, often with little notice of their impending departure.

According to the Citi report, many firms found that 2021 was one of their best financial years despite their initial investments in remote work technologies. Delayed office returns helped keep expenses low, while the implementation of new technology helped eliminate many communication barriers.

Most law firms in South Florida have opted to embrace the hybrid approach. Because of their lowered expenses, they are ready to invest in the platforms and frameworks that create the flexibility and functionality they need. While the logistics of a hybrid workplace can be challenging, managing partners and associates are looking for solutions.

Don’t Forget About Your Existing Technology

With an ever-evolving list of platforms and applications available, it is easy to overlook your firm’s existing tools that may be underutilized. The challenge is to use these tools to adapt to hybrid working and provide innovative solutions that empower employees to communicate, collaborate, and be more productive, wherever and whenever they work.

For example, many firms begin their hybrid implementation with the combination of Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft 365 suite. While most firms have already paid for licensing and use of these tools, they have yet to unlock their full potential. These tools can increase internal productivity and reduce errors while offering a secure means of sharing knowledge and expertise in collaboration with clients and staff.

Law firms in South Florida need solutions that work, and it’s vital when implementing Microsoft 365 to consider how users will interact, learn, and embrace technology in a hybrid world. Often, clients are using these technologies already and expect secure and straightforward interactions.

Firms that have publicly announced a decision to use Teams and Microsoft 365 to create a secure, modern, digital workplace indicate that the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

Technology Attracts Talent

In addition to reducing costs and improving communication, implementing hybrid technology makes your firm more attractive to potential clients and staff. While managing remote, hybrid, and in-person work preferences wasn’t a priority before the pandemic, today, firms must consider how moving to a hybrid model meets the wants and needs of their lawyers, staff, and clients. With the current intense demand for talented staff and their desire to work remotely, the hybrid work model is critical to attracting the gifted individuals you desire.

The global pandemic has caused a sharp rise in the legal sector’s rate of implementing technology. Law firms have been forced to adapt to a digital process as staff, clients, and partners have had to work remotely. While many of these changes came out of necessity, client and employee expectations are also evolving, requiring changes in how we measure productivity and promote collaboration.

LAN InfoTech: The Solution For Law Firms in South Florida

Recently, we have seen increased interest and use of technologies such as Microsoft Teams among our clients. Our team is experienced in the needs and concerns of law firms in South Florida and has partnered with several to help navigate the rapid shift towards a hybrid workplace.

Through these partnerships, our clients get advanced solutions that provide consistent results. In addition to benefiting from utilizing Microsoft Teams and 365 in new and unique ways that ensure compliance and improve efficiency, our clients have access to secure document storage, sharing and signing, real-time collaboration, and H.D. audio and video conferencing.

With technology advancing daily, creating a hybrid workplace is a priority for every law firm. At LAN InfoTech, we provide Microsoft solutions for law firms in South Florida that help you better serve your staff and community while giving you a competitive edge. Contact us today to learn more about how our team of experts can help your firm get the most out of your technology.