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Our Commitment to South Florida Non-Profit IT Services Includes a Free Grant Funding Program

What does it take to be able to offer nonprofit organizations full-service IT support? It takes heart, along with the requisite IT skills. It also takes a firm commitment to a community-oriented philosophy that says, “We can do better. We can be better.” And, that’s why LAN Infotech is the go-to nonprofit IT services leader.
And, it gets even better.
In addition to the IT management and support we provide for nonprofit businesses, charitable foundations, and startups, we’re also offering a free grant funding program.
That’s right. You don’t pay a dime. Just give us a call, fill out our form, and we make all the moves on your behalf to get you non profit grants you need to stay afloat and do what you do best.

Helping Those Who Help Others

Call it “giving back,” or just being a good neighbor in the business community. It’s our form of community activism, and it’s helping many startups and not for profit businesses get off the ground and in turn help the communities of South Florida in their own way.
It’s a philosophy that powers what we do, whether you’re talking providing more conscientious and engaged IT services, or helping to fund the business organizations that help others in need.
It’s a continuous circle which we all contribute to and benefit from. We just feel like companies in our industry could – and should – be more fully engaged in being community-involved.

Our Community-Oriented IT Services Commitment

Nonprofits support our community in ways that are critical to our social and economic infrastructure.  Without nonprofits, the United States would very likely have more problems than it does today.
LAN Infotech serves many South Florida businesses with nonprofit consulting on their technology needs.  We understand the challenges that not for profit organizations face when it comes to technology, and we also know the financial roadblocks and disappointments they can face.
Michael Goldstein, the founder of LAN Infotech, is invested in the community more than any other information technology leader.  He has directed his staff to create a division specifically designed to assist nonprofit agencies with their financial difficulties.
Although this division has nothing to do with technology services, it is a large investment that fulfills a desperate need for most nonprofits.  The division is called the GIFT (Grant Intelligence Funding Team) program.  It’s a free gift to any nonprofit or charitable organizations that need someone to do grant searches!
Our GIFT program for nonprofit funding includes the following:
We offer FREE consultations to discuss your mission and explore funding opportunities!  Our team will research and identify possible grant funding leads.
Grant Search (FREE)
We’ll locate opportunities best suited for your non profit organization.  This includes a search of more than 140,000 current grantmakers!
Our team can help determine which grants are the most appropriate and advise your organization while you actively pursue the funding you need.
Grant Review (Not Available until approximately December 2019)
In the future, we expect to grow this division.  In a couple years, our goal is to help you craft an effective grant proposal that meets specific needs.

To Participate in Our Free Grant Funding Program

As funding opportunities for nonprofits and charitable organizations are drastically changing, there’s never been a better time to re-evaluate current awards and discover new grant sources.
Nowadays, it’s not only via the US government you can find grant funding for start-ups or nonprofits.  There are more than 140,000 Foundations in the U.S. through which you can apply for a grant!
But, locating and applying for the right one can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  That’s where Michael Goldstein and LAN Infotech come in.
Just sign up for our free grant funding program today, and we will reply with a detailed break-down of how we can best help you find the right grant foundation.
To participate in the GIFT program, please fill out the online form to the right. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for a response from our staff.
This is a rare opportunity to allow a humble IT company to assist you in tracking down your next grant funding source!
Because, after all, we are all in this together, and there’s much more to life (and even business life) than money – as you nonprofit organizations are well aware.

Let Us Find You the Grant Funding You Need

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