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Cybersecurity Awareness Month, often referred to as Cybersecurity Awareness Month or National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), is an annual campaign observed in October in the United States to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. Its primary goal is to promote cybersecurity education and best practices among individuals, businesses, and organizations to help them stay safe and secure online.

Here are things Cybersecurity Awareness Month intends to accomplish:

  1. Education: It provides an opportunity for organizations, government agencies, and cybersecurity experts to educate the public about cybersecurity threats, risks, and preventive measures. This includes workshops, webinars, seminars, and other educational events.
  2. Awareness: The month-long campaign increases awareness about the evolving cyber threats that individuals and businesses face in today’s digital landscape. This awareness encourages people to take cybersecurity seriously and learn how to protect themselves and their businesses.
  3. Promotion of Best Practices: Cybersecurity Awareness Month promotes the adoption of best practices in cybersecurity, such as creating strong passwords, using two-factor authentication, keeping software and systems up to date, and being cautious about phishing attempts.
  4. Resources: It provides access to a wealth of cybersecurity resources, including tips, guides, and tools that individuals and organizations can use to improve their cybersecurity posture throughout the cyber world.
  5. Collaboration: It fosters collaboration between government agencies, private sector organizations, nonprofits, and educational institutions to work together to address cybersecurity challenges and share information on emerging and on-going threats.
  6. Policy Advocacy: It may also serve as a platform for advocating for improved cybersecurity policies and regulations at the local, state, and national levels.
  7. Engagement: Cybersecurity Awareness Month encourages individuals and organizations to actively engage in improving their cybersecurity practices. It’s a time when people are more likely to take stock of their online security and take concrete steps to protect themselves and their data.
  8. Community Building: It helps build a sense of community among individuals and organizations working towards a common goal of enhancing cybersecurity. It’s a time for sharing stories, experiences, and strategies for staying safe online.
  9. Adaptation to Emerging Threats: Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Cybersecurity Awareness Month helps people stay informed about the latest threats and encourages them to adapt their cybersecurity strategies accordingly.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month serves as an important annual reminder to individuals and organizations about the critical need for cybersecurity and provides them with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect themselves and their digital assets in an increasingly interconnected world. It’s a proactive effort to reduce cyber risks and enhance online safety.

For over 12 years, LAN Infotech has been the trusted IT partner for law firms, nonprofits and the healthcare industry. From enterprise password management to business continuity services to dark web scanning, we have the resources that are needed to keep businesses, cyber safe!

We are proud to participate and strongly advocate during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. For more information and questions contact us at 954-717-1990.