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5 Benefits Of An Outsourced Network Administrator In South Florida

As computer systems and networks have become critical attributes of modern organizations and institutions, continuous monitoring and updating are necessary to ensure they run efficiently and remain secure and effective. But for many businesses in South Florida, managing the business’s network can quickly become more than they can handle effectively. In such situations, the services of an outsourced network administrator are invaluable.

Outsourced Network Administrator In South Florida

What Is A Network Administrator?

A network administrator is responsible for keeping a company’s computer network running seamlessly, including software integration, hardware implementation, wireless networking, cyber-security, and system upkeep. In some cases, they are even the ones who install the whole computing and network infrastructure in the first place. In short, they keep the flow of information and communication within an organization moving. They are needed by any organization that uses several computers or software platforms to coordinate and link the various systems together.

The Roles Of An Outsourced Network Administrator

The duties of an outsourced network administrator will vary considerably depending on the size and needs of an organization. They perform the following functions:

  1. Network administrators have skills in network performance, systems monitoring, security, and much more.
  2. Network administrators make sure all systems on the network are working as designed, and they are experts in troubleshooting any issues that may arise.
  3. Network administrators understand how different systems such as PCs, Macs, or Servers work.
  4. Outsourced network administrators are proficient in network topologies and understand how LANs, WANs, VPNs, and Internet access works.
  5. Network Administrators work with traditional wired networks as well as wireless networks.
  6. Network administrators understand that the network’s security is paramount, and nothing that will jeopardize the stability of the network be introduced.

Benefits An Outsourced Network Administrator Offers South Florida Businesses

1.   Access to Top-Level Expertise

If you look at your internal IT team, can you honestly say that you have what it takes to set up an efficient networking system that considers the company’s present and future needs? While your in-house team may be experienced, the world of IT moves fast, and requiring a single in-house network administrator to manage every facet of your IT environment is an unfair expectation. On the other hand, an outsourced network administrator will constantly stay updated on certifications, best practices, and specialized technology that best-in-class IT demands. IT outsourcing companies often provide their network administrators with dedicated training on different aspects of network management, cloud computing, and various security measures. By partnering with an IT services outsourcing provider, you will achieve greater value and technical expertise at a minimal expense.

2.   Lower Costs

An in-house network administrator can cost your business an average of $75k per year. While it may not seem like a less expensive alternative, outsourcing your network administrator needs instead of hiring full-time employees will save you money. That’s because you can pay for services as you need them and avoid making major investments in infrastructure, software, and personnel.

Outsourcing your network administrator roles allows you to keep your labor costs low overall, since you don’t have to hire and train a new employee and involve yourself in the compensation and talent development planning that naturally comes with internal employees. Besides, you will have a service agreement (SLA) in place that defines the terms of your service, allowing you to maintain a predictable budget. Further, you’re able to increase the efficiency of your business by getting expert help without having to hire experts full-time.

3.   Quick Response Time

When issues with your network arise, they need to be dealt with as quickly as possible. The longer they’re allowed to go unaddressed, the more damaging and costly they become. According to a 2020 survey, the average hourly cost of critical server outages worldwide is between $301,000 and $400,000.

With an outsourced network administrator monitoring your system around the clock, you can ensure that issues such as these are resolved quickly and correctly, limiting downtime. This means faster recovery for your business and fewer technical hiccups.

4.   Less Network Security Concerns

43% of cyberattacks happen to small to medium-sized businesses, but only 14% of SMBs can combat cyberattacks by reducing their vulnerabilities and limiting risks. Fortunately, an outsourced network administrator can help with that, ensuring your network is secure and reliable. By hiring an outsourced network administrator, you’re bringing on someone who can analyze your business’ existing security and patch any flaws that exist, leaving you with a network that is all but impenetrable. And as threats evolve, so do the security approaches your network administrator uses to keep your network updated and secured against the latest threats as they come into existence.

5.   Outsourced Network Administrator Can Boost Efficiency  

The time you spend trying to figure out how to update or repair your network is time you could have better spent growing and managing your business. By investing in an outsourced network administrator, you can focus on the job at hand. These professionals are trained to handle tasks as swiftly as possible, saving you tons of time and resources you can redirect to your core business functions.

Your outsourced network administrator will implement a network administration system perfectly tailored to your business needs and provide consistent IT support should a tech hiccup occur. They will quickly diagnose errors and perform speedy repairs, reducing network downtime considerably and increasing efficiency.

Streamline Your Business IT by Hiring an Outsourced Network Administrator

Outsourced network administrators are vital members of every business because they ensure that the IT infrastructure is working seamlessly and with minimal downtime. Whether on a part-time, full-time, or project basis, LAN Infotech network administrators can deliver experience and expertise on an outsourcing basis, providing you with a more flexible, cost-effective solution than hiring an in-house network administrator.

Our network administration outsourcing services allow businesses to ensure their IT infrastructure is running optimally, reduce operational costs, achieve high efficiency in operations, mitigate security risks while also improving end-user productivity. To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing network administration for your business, contact us today and schedule a consultation. LAN Infotech can be your trusted South Florida IT outsourcing service provider and help you streamline your business.