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Responding To A Ransomware Infection

Did you know it takes most businesses up to 6 months to find out that they’ve experienced a data breach?
That’s why cybersecurity is about more than prevention – it’s about intelligence and response as well. You need to know when a ransomware attack has been attempted, just as much as you need to know when a ransomware attack has been successful.
Do you know how to respond to a ransomware attack? Check out our latest video to find out:

How Should You Respond To A Ransomware Attack?

If a business suspects their networks are at immediate risk, the first step is to disconnect the computer from the company’s network to inhibit further exploitation attempts on other systems.
Simply remove the network cable from its connection point, usually a tower or laptop. This step should be then followed by disabling the WiFi settings. It is critical that this is performed manually to make sure it’s been properly disconnected.
Power Down
Once the computer has been removed from the network, it is then necessary to power down the machine to prevent any potential damage.
Contact Your Cybersecurity Professionals
Whether you have one on speed dial or not, your next step is to get professional assistance. Restoring backed up data and limiting the continued spread of ransomware is a complicated process – don’t try to handle it alone if you don’t know what you’re doing.

How Can You Find Out If You’re Vulnerable To Ransomware Right Now?

Don’t wait until a cybercriminal attacks your business to find out whether your cybersecurity is truly effective – let LAN Infotech show you right now.
Our team will help you figure out precisely what you don’t know about your cybersecurity, carrying out robust cybersecurity testing and recommending best practices and proven solutions to address any vulnerabilities that could put you at risk.
For assistance with your cybersecurity needs, click here to get in touch with our experts or call (954) 717-1990 today!