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Eliminate the Middleman
IT Services in Fort LauderdaleIT services in Fort Lauderdale need not cost an arm and a leg to provide services your own organization could source internally. You want a consultation agency willing to help without charging unnecessarily.
Consider the first step most management consultants take when a given company encounters trouble. They take employees aside and interview them. Here’s a question: do you really need management consultants to interview your own employees? Why can’t you do that? Think about this critically: before you were in a managerial position, wouldn’t you have been interested in telling your bosses what just wasn’t working?
But you didn’t. Why? You feared recrimination. You feared that if you said something to your bosses, then your own work would be subject to criticism, and you’d perhaps get a demotion, lose your job, or something dire. So you kept to yourself and puttered on. Here’s the thing: employees who feel that way are going to overstate the case to an outside consultant. It will be like someone who has never had a friend in whom to confide suddenly finding a compatriot. That individual will spill their guts! But if you interview them, they’ll likely be reserved.
The solution?
Being Real
Let employees know that they can say whatever they’d like without facing recriminations. Then the onus is on you— you’ll have to bite your tongue and not judge; sometimes what employees bring to the table will be pretty dire criticisms. In certain cases, the problem won’t be with a protocol, it will be with those who work for you that have established counter-productive attitudes.
Another benefit of doing your own internal review rather than outsourcing to a consultation solution from reputable IT services company in Fort Lauderdale is that you can identify where process is causing trouble, and where employees are. And you can keep your word before you get rid of them, too. If the issue is attitude, not process, then when you change the process, the bad attitude will remain, and reveal itself as a source of discontinuity. Then you can liquidate that attitude on its own terms, and still have kept your word not to recriminate based on employee opinion. Also, sometimes a bad attitude is caused by a bad process, and fixing that process eliminates the attitude, so you kill two birds with one stone and nobody needs to be liquidated. This is harder to do when an exterior consultant is brought in.
Only Call the Cavalry When You Need It
Curtail drama. Save expenses. Refrain from contacting the consultant cavalry before trying to change what you can internally. Employees often know what is and isn’t working.
Additionally, there could be technological issues you want to get ahead of. What if software is slow or outdated? Then it’s time to contact IT, but if you’ve done interviews yourself, you’ll be better informed when acquiring upgrades. These days, cloud computing solutions are changing the way business is done worldwide.
Effective IT Solutions
To review:

  • Conduct internal reviews
  • Change policies where necessary
  • Keep your word to employees
  • Upgrade as necessary

One solution for an IT services company in Fort Lauderdale offering exceptional consultation, but not pushing solutions where it would be more cost-effective for you to do so internally, is LAN Infotech. Contact us for tech solutions representing your needs.