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Helping to Raise Funds & Make a Difference in the Lives of Those Struggling Through Crisis!

Steve Weagle’s annual five-day bicycle marathon, known as ‘Steve Weagle’s Ride for the Red Cross,’ took place between May 25-29th – making stops from Sebastian down to Boca Raton to raise funds for the American Red Cross while promoting awareness and preparedness for hurricane season, which began on June 1st, 2015.
Michael Goldstein, President of LAN Infotech, Joins the Marathon – Biking to Help Raise Funds for the Red Cross!
Michael Goldstein, President of LAN Infotech, joined the marathon on May 28th – biking from the midday stop, Palm Beach Outlets on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, to the Tideline Resort on Ocean Blvd, wherein he presented a check to help raise funds for the American Red Cross.
“LAN Infotech wanted to give back to the community and decided to partner with Steve and the Red Cross. The Red Cross is helping people locally, nationally and worldwide with its relief efforts and we are glad that we can become part of the Red Cross Family.  We commend Steve Weagle for his efforts over the past 16 years.”
Steve’s bicycle, which was donated by Wheels of Wellington, was auctioned off after the annual five-day bicycle marathon – giving the proceeds to the Red Cross, which helps them continue preventing and relieving suffering and making a difference in the lives of those struggling through crisis.

About the Red Cross
The Red Cross consists of generous donors, employees, and volunteers working together to prevent and relieve suffering at home and around the world:

  • Supporting military families by helping members, veterans, and their family members prepare for and respond to the challenges of military service.
  • Helping disaster victims by responding to disasters, such as home fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and more – providing shelter, food, health and mental health services.
  • Taking blood donations from nearly 4 million people, each year, who donate blood to help patients at hospitals and transfusion centers around the country.
  • And much more!

If you’d like to make a donation to the Red Cross, click here. If you’re interested in learning more about our team of IT experts – and what we do to give back to our community and help those in need, feel free to give us a call at (954) 717-1990 or send us an email: sales@laninfotech.com