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Your business has to have the right people on the team. Having access to an outsourced Chief Information Officer (a virtual CIO) to give you timely executive-level advice and manage your technology for you will give you the safe, stable, and streamlined IT environment you require.
LAN Infotech gives you all the benefits of an in-house Chief Information Officer without needing to hire a new staff member. We offer virtual CIO solutions to help you analyze and manage your technology – and understand what technology can do to help you scale to the next level.
Your LAN Infotech strategic IT consultant or CIO will:

  • Analyze your business processes and workflow
  • Help you define and establish the appropriate IT management approach
  • Aid you in determining your technical priorities to make your IT serve your highest business needs first

Our Virtual CIO Services allow you to act proactively and prevent issues before they become very real problems that negatively affect the business. We do this by:

  • Implementing the right technology
  • Operationalizing– installation, configuration, monitoring, and staff training
  • Managing all your IT vendor relationships
  • Developing an appropriate budget and helping you manage it
  • Creating a support strategy & infrastructure management

Your LAN Infotech strategic IT consultant will be there to help you step back and look at the larger picture of your technology.
Leverage the expertise and experience of LAN Infotech with our Virtual CIO Services. Contact us now at (954) 717-1990 or sales@laninfotech.com

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